$1.2 Billion Worth of Infrastructure for the Northern Territory.

Government Shows Commitment to the Northern Territory with $1.2 Billion Investment.

As the Government delivered the 2014-15 financial year infrastructure program, Territorians were celebrating the $1.2 billion worth of infrastructure projects which had made the cut.

Peter Chandler, Minister for Infrastructure, said the program is aimed towards the development of the Territory through economic development and job creation.

$515 million was spent on 948 contracts, across maintenance, minor new works and repairs, and capital works for all clients of the Northern Territory Government.

There was $215 million invested in roads, and $300 million spent on infrastructure, with 96.5% allocated to local companies working in the Northern Territory, as well as providing a constant pipeline of works for both small and medium enterprises.

“Infrastructure is essential for the future economic development of the Northern Territory, and a key economic enabler”, Mr Chandler said.

The 2014-15 infrastructure investment included:

  • Release of the tender for the construction of new bridges across the Roper Rivers and Wilton- $40 million
  • Charlotte River Bridge completion and Fog Bay Road approaches- $3 million
  • Outback Stage 1 projects tender releases, including upgrades of the Plenty Highway and parts of Tjukaruru Road- $11.2 million
  • Utopia Airstrip upgrade will be completed- $3.3 million
  • Work began on the Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication from Berrimah Road to Woolner Road- $88 million
  • Mitchell Creek Bridge and Southern Connector Road- $8.5 million
  • Sewer Pump Station at Zuccoli West- $6.1 million
  • Water Mains and Headworks at Palmerston Regional Hospital- $2 million
  • Subdivisions at Tennant Creek- $5 million
  • Expansion of the operating theatres and short stay unit at Royal Darwin Hospital- $22 million
  • Hidden Valley Racetrack re-surfacing- $5 million
  • Remote Health Centres in various locations- $43.6 million
  • Police station in Arlparra- $7.4 million

After the success of the 2014-15 program for infrastructure, Budget 2015 included $1.4 billion for further developments in the Territory.

Investment in private and public infrastructure will support investors, and help them make commercial decisions when it comes to investing in the Northern Territory, therefore creating new jobs and opportunities, and laying the foundation for a prosperous economy.

Mr. Chandler said that all of the projects will be playing a part when it comes to developing Northern Australia. This economic development and job creation, whilst connecting Territorians with schools, health, roads, and sporting facilities through infrastructure.

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Sources: Northern Territory Government.

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