$400m Walla Walla Solar Farm in NSW to create 250 jobs


FRV Services Australia’s $400 million Walla Walla solar farm project has been granted development approval by the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC).

This approval comes with the passing of the New South Wales’ ‘Renewable Infrastructure Roadmap’ which encourages $32 billion in private, clean energy investment.

Community Concerns

Before the approval of this project, there were several oppositions proposed by concerned locals of the Great Hume Shire Council. These concerns included visual impacts to the landscape, significant environmental impacts, biodiversity and socio-economic impacts.

However, after thoroughly assessing these concerns and gathering feedback, the IPC granted the project approval, but is subject to several conditions that the developer must fulfil.

“The Commission agrees with the Department’s Assessment... and is of the view that the Project is in accordance with the [Environmental Planning and Assessment] Act and is in the public interest.

“The Commission has determined that the Application should be granted consent subject to conditions which have been designed to prevent, minimise and/or offset adverse environmental impacts; set standards and performance measures for acceptable environmental performance; outline how the land can be returned to its current use following decommissioning and rehabilitation of the site; require regular monitoring and reporting, and provide for the on-going environmental management of the development,” the Commission made in a statement.

The Walla Walla Solar Farm

The new solar farm will be built on private land located 4 kilometres northeast of Walla Walla and 40 kilometres north of Albury.

The Walla Walla solar farm will include 900,000 solar panels with a total capacity of 300MW (ac), which is enough to power up to 90,000 NSW homes and businesses.

The project is expected to create up to 250 jobs during its construction and boost local investment in local services like fencing, civil works, land management, hospitality and accommodation.

Construction on the Walla Walla solar farm will begin in the first quarter of 2021 with its completion date scheduled for late 2022.

Source: Media Release

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