Australia’s first offshore wind farm could create 8,000 jobs


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The proposal for Australia’s first offshore wind farm could provide up to 8,000 direct and indirect jobs in Victoria over its 30-year lifespan.

The proposed wind farm will cost between $8-$10 billion, making it one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world.

The Star of the South wind farm is planned to be built off the coast of South Gippsland in a location that capitalises on Bass Strait’s powerful winds, soil stability and water conditions.

Being close to the Latrobe Valley, the wind farm’s nearest point to the shore would be visible by land at 7 kilometres away, and the further point would be 25 kilometres away.

If this massive renewable energy project is approved, it could mean 5,200 construction jobs and 740 ongoing roles for the region.

A new economic model undertaken by AlphaBeta shows that the wind farm will invest about $8.7 billion into Victoria over its lifetime, $4.6 billion directly into Gippsland’s economy.

The Star of the South wind farm will provide 20 per cent of Victoria’s energy and power 1.8 million homes.

Star of the South chief executive, Casper Frost Thorhauge commented that the project would provide a massive boost for regional jobs.

“We are really excited to harvest a new resource, not only for Australia but also especially for Gippsland,” Mr Frost Thorhauge said. “The long tradition of power generation in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland region will be maintained.”

Quick Facts about the Star of the South Wind Farm

  • 185m-245m turbine height range
  • 8 million homes will have their power needs met
  • Cost up to $10 billion to build
  • 8000 direct and indirect jobs
  • $8.7 billion invested in Victoria’s economy

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