Construction underway for new Bendigo Law Court


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Construction workers have recently completed the demolition of a former TAFE building at the site of the new Bendigo Law Courts located on the corner of Mundy and Hargreaves Street.

Plans are in place for basement and foundations to be laid next month for the new court building in the city centre.

Main construction of the structure will start in mid-2021.

This landmark civic building is likely to become a benchmark for other new court buildings across Australia and New Zealand because of its modern safety and technology features.

The five-storey structure will set the standard for the delivery of justice to the Bendigo community and the wider Loddon Mallee region.

The Victorian Government set aside $152.4 million in the 2019-2020 state budget to build the new regional headquarter court for the region.

The new court is part of the revitalisation of the Bendigo city precinct along with the GovHub and the Bendigo Kangan Institute development.

With a vibrant and contemporary design, the court building is designed to achieve the highest standard of sustainability, with initiatives to reduce environmental impact across energy and water consumption as well as waste management.

Bendigo State Member, Jacinta Allan, commented that the construction of the new Bendigo court would be a massive project for the region.

"It's going to support 390 jobs throughout the construction period. Importantly, it's built into the contract... that we require local people to get the jobs on their local projects," Ms Allan said.

Construction of the new Bendigo Court is expected to finish at the end of 2022.

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