Scott Morrison Outlines JobMaker Plans, Fast-Tracks Major Projects


The Inland Rail project from Brisbane to Melbourne and a second underwater power cable to Tasmania are just a couple of the projects that have been given priority status by the Commonwealth Government in an effort to fast-track jobs on major infrastructure works. 

The Prime Minister is expected to unveil more details of the Governments JobMaker plan, which includes increased spending on major projects and infrastructure. The announcement will come at a speech at the National Press Club today. 

The plan was announced last month by the PM, stating its purpose would be to "get Australian businesses out of the ICU" after the COVID-19 restrictions led to multiple organisations taking significant hits to their bottom lines, forcing them to rely on the Government's JobKeeper scheme to stay in business. 

The priority list will include 15 major projects that are poised to be fast-tracked under a new agreement by the states, territories and Commonwealth. 

The decision will support "over 66,000 direct and indirect jobs" according to Mr Morrison. He will make the statement to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) at its State of the Nation Conference in the country's capital today.

"Under our new approach, this investment, and most importantly these jobs, will be brought to market earlier by targeting a 50 per cent reduction in Commonwealth assessment and approval times for major projects, from an average of 3.5 years to 21 months," he is expected to say.

"Working with the New South Wales Government, we are on track to complete Commonwealth assessment and approval for Snowy 2.0 in under two years — unlocking over 2,000 regional jobs."

Mr Morrison will also detail some of the 15 projects, including the Marinus Link between Tasmania and Victoria and the expansion of Olympic Dam in South Australia.

The list also includes emergency town water projects in New South Wales and a number of iron ore, road and rail projects in Western Australia.

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