Townsville Regional Recovery Action Plan to create 1000 local jobs


This week the Queensland Government announced the Townsville Regional Recovery Action Plan to support local jobs in North Queensland to grow the region’s economy.

The financial support package will secure more than 1000 resource and manufacturing jobs from Mount Isa to Townsville.

The Queensland Premier announced the creation of up to 350 jobs at the Glencore Copper Smelter for re-bricking and maintenance work as well as 220 jobs at the Townsville Copper Refinery and 520 jobs in Incitec Pivot operations across North Queensland.

Incitec Pivot’s managing director and CEO, Jeanne Johns said the support package from the State Government is the boost North Queensland needs.

“The government’s investment will support North Queensland’s industrial capability and provide certainty for businesses and jobs in the region,” Ms Johns said.

The Labor Government also plans to drive investment into the North West Minerals Province by committing $14.8 million to support the CopperString 2.0 high voltage transmission line.

Treasurer Cameron Dick also backed the $8 billion plan to support North Queenslanders health, jobs and businesses.

“Queensland needs to maintain minerals processing capability in the North West to keep supply chains open for future critical mineral developments and the jobs they will create,” he said.

The multi-million-dollar recovery plan for North Queensland’s includes:

  • $950 million in payroll relief to support over 25,300 jobs in the Townsville region.
  • $230 million partnership with the federal government for stage 5 of Townsville Ring Road.
  • $195 million supporting over 500 jobs in constructing stage 2 of the Haughton pipeline.
  • $42.4 million in COVID-19 Job Support Loans for 3470 employees and 283 Townville businesses.
  • $30 million to help secure water and support local agriculture for Big Rocks Weir.
  • $19 million for Riverway Drive upgrades.
  • $16 million to investigate raising and improving the Burdekin Falls Dam.
  • $14.8 million to support the Copperstring 2.0 high voltage transmission line.
  • $10 million for DriveIT.
  • $8.1 million in adaption grants for 907 small businesses.
  • $2 million to support the development of an Australian first maritime autonomous system testing facility in Townsville.
  • Financial support for the Mount Isa Mines and copper processing operations.

The Labor Government has released this economic kick-starter plan to invest and support infrastructure for water, tourism, transport and exports to drive economic growth in North Queensland.

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