Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network Improvements - Latest News and Updates

Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network improvements

Priority Status: Priority Initiative

State: WA

City: Multiple

Suburbs Affected: Multiple

Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network improvements Project Plan

  • Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network improvements Cost: 87.5 million
  • Federal Funding: 70 million
  • Project Type: Road - Road upgrade

Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network improvements Construction Details

The initiative calls for a strategy to to evaluate and co-ordinate upgrades to areas of the Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network. The elements under consideration are as follows:

  • creation of new routes
  • complete roadway upgrades (with requisite geometric corrections)
  • partial roadway upgrades
  • proactive maintenance and addressing maintenance backlogs

Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network improvements Jobs & Community Plan

With around 4,675 km of roads making up the Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network (WSFN), the state of Western Australia is highly reliant on the system to connect producers with key points of receipt, major highways and rail facilities. The region generates approximately 9 million tonnes of grain annually, which is one of the major types of freight travelling the network. Other types of freight include livestock, fertiliser and hay. Threatening the WSFN are a number of issues, including:

  • sub-par road safety performance
  • usage of increasingly larger vehicle types
  • supply chain efficiency pressures
  • dynamic demands on the freight task
  • grain receipt facility consolidation

A number of issues need to be addressed to adequately accommodate larger vehicle types, namely road width, the condition of the shoulder and road surface and consistent vehicle mass limits. The latter has a significant impact on productivity if producers are required to use lighter and less efficient vehicles to haul freight.

Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network improvements Upgrade Timeline

Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network improvements - Timeframe: 0-5 years.


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