BREAKING: Tasmanian Construction Workers Forced to Apply for 411 Visas


In a press conference today, the Federal Government has revealed their plans to force Tasmanian construction workers to apply for 411 Visas to work on the mainland. 

The scheme would mean that any Tasmanian resident would need to be granted an Exchange Visa to work on any project throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, ACT, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison discussed the details behind the decision on the steps of Parliament House today.

“We all know that for the past few years, Tasmania has been acting a bit like a clingy girlfriend. We think it’s time we set them free, and this is the first step,” he said.

The Prime Minister continued by stating how the mainland just can’t afford to be associated with the negative stereotypes of Tasmania.

“You know, the whole two-heads thing is kinda freaky, and I just don’t think we want to be associated with that sort of stuff,” the Prime Minister continued.

“We want to keep the mainland jobs for the mainlanders. It’s not about excluding Tasmania, but actually helping them to support their own little island.”

The 411 Visa that Tasmanians will need to complete include tighter controls and regulations as well as rigorous testing.

To apply for a 411 Visa, Tasmanians must:

  • Have documented proof of their Tasmanian residence
  • Complete a vegemite taste test to prove their loyalty to the mainland
  • Admit they’re hiding the last Tasmanian Tiger
  • Supply a box of their best wine

Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein responded to the decision by expressing his disappointment.

“I don’t think us Tasmanians can be blamed for acting ‘clingy’. The mainland always stands us up, always forgets about us – never returns our calls. It’s not our fault that we just have a lot of love to give,” Premier Gutwein said.

Tasmanians will need to start applying for 411 Visas as soon as April 1st 2021. If you’re a Tasmanian wanting to know more about the 411 Visa, visit

Source: Happy April Fool’s Day!

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