SA Approves New $3B Renewable Energy Project


The South Australian Government is planning to build another massive renewable energy project with the granted planning approval of Neoen Australia’s multi-billion-dollar Goyer South project.

The approval was given this week for the first stage of the $3 billion renewable energy project which will deliver 400MW of total capacity of the Goyder South development.

The Goyder South project will consist of a 1,200MW windfarm, 600MW solar farm and a battery storage facility with a 900MW capacity.

The Goyer Renewable Zone

This project is part of an even bigger project proposed by Neoen known as the Goyder Renewable Zone. The zone will be built near Burra’s north west region and consist of two projects – the Goyder North and the Goyder South project.

The entire development is expected to support up to 642 jobs and thousands of indirect jobs during construction and more than 100 jobs once operational.

If approved, the Goyer Renewable Zone will be built in multiple stages. Neoen is projecting five stages, three for Goyer South and two for Goyer North. Each stage will deliver 400MW of wind generation, 200MW of solar generation and 300MW of battery storage.

Goyer South will be built first due to its proximity to the Robertstown substation with the power being connected directly into the grid. A transmission line is also going to be built along the Goyder North link to the Goyder South link.

Neoen Australia

Neoen Australia Managing Director Louis de Sambucy commented on the Government approval by saying: “We are extremely pleased to hear the positive decision on Goyder South.”

“We would like to thank the Goyder community and Council for their warm reception, as well as the South Australian Government for its ongoing commitment to the transition to renewable energy.

“Goyder South will not only support South Australia in reaching its goal of net 100% renewables by 2030, it will deliver income security to farmers, as well as jobs to the Goyder region. We will now focus on achieving grid connection in cooperation with ElectraNet and the Australian Energy Market Operator,” Neoen Australia Managing Director Louis de Sambucy said.

What’s Next?

Construction on each stage of the Goyer Renewable Zone is expected to take up to 18 – 24 months to complete. Neoen is planning to deliver the project stages in a ‘roll-out’ fashion, meaning work won’t commence until the previous stage is completed.

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