Two Sydney Metro Contracts Awarded


Image Credit: Sydney Metro

Sydney Metro developments in the Southwest have reached another major milestone with two rail contracts awarded this week.

The contracts awarded were:

  • $227 million Bankstown Line Upgrade
  • $98 million Hurlstone Park, Belmore and Wiley Park Upgrades

Bankstown Line Upgrade

This multi-million-dollar contract was awarded to John Holland Pty Ltd and Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd. The project includes upgrading the 125-year-old rail line between Sydenham and Bankstown to metro rail standards.

John Holland and Laing O’Rourke Australia will be responsible for:

  • Upgrading 15 bridges that cross over or under the railway including installation of safety screens
  • Civil construction including work on retaining walls, culverts and track drainage
  • Fencing along the rail corridor and the segregation of the existing freight line from the new driverless railway tracks
  • Rail system work including new track crossovers, upgrading and refurbishing overhead wiring and work to support signalling and communication equipment
  • Utility modifications

Upgrades for this rail line won’t begin until 2024 but once complete; there will be a train every 4 minutes which means 15 trains an hour in each direction. The T3 Bankstown Line will remain open during majority of construction.

Hurlstone Park, Belmore and Wiley Park Station Upgrades

This $98 million contract to upgrade Hurlstone Park, Belmore and Wiley Park station to metro line standards was awarded to Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd.

Works for this project include:

  • Upgrading and re-levelling existing platforms to provide level access to the new fully airconditioned metro trains
  • New lifts at Hurlstone Park and Wiley Park Stations connecting existing concourses to platform levels
  • New family accessible toilets at Hurlstone Park and Wiley Park stations
  • New service buildings and cabling for the new rail systems
  • Upgrades to stations like painting, improved lighting, tiling and paving
  • Upgrades to security fencing adjacent to each station, including installation of anti-throw screens to existing overbridges adjacent to each station
  • Improvements to interchanges including bike parking, taxi spaces, kiss and ride and accessible parking.

These Sydney Metro stations will also be prepped for the installation of platform screen doors. These safety glass barriers are used to keep commuters away from the tracks. This technology is being used for the first time in Australia on the Sydney Metro.

Sydney Metro announced that more rail contracts will be awarded later this year.

Source: Sydney Metro - Latest Update

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