A Basic Guide to: SEO for Plant Hire Companies – Part 2

Our New eBook - A Basic Guide to SEO

Our New eBook - A Basic Guide to SEO

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The Two Audiences – An Egg and a Chicken

If you are considering rebuilding your website – then you need to do that with two audiences in mind. These two audiences can be described using the age-old dichotomy of the Chicken and the Egg.

A lot of people in the digital community may disagree with me here about who I think the egg is, and who I think the chicken is. But everyone’s entitled to their own views on the subject and the two concepts have significant circularity. But I believe that, like the big bang, the chicken begins with the egg and there is no chicken without an egg. The egg grows into a chicken.

These two audiences read and interpret your website completely differently, and you can’t have one without the other.

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Robot Eggs

The egg, meaning the ‘beginning of it all’ is consideration for how your site is built to attract traffic. What’s the point of having a site that your customers can see, if you don’t build it with the intention of attracting people to see it. In order for people to see it, your site must be indexed by Google. And for it to be indexed by Google – it must be readable by…. Bots.

Bots are your primary egg audience. Bots can only read text. Bots circle the internet every three months (some parts they visit everyday, week or month), reading and scoring reams and reams of text trying to categorise sites and pages into keyword categories – which broadly represent industries, services and offerings. They look for key markers in text all over your site, so it can group your site into buckets with aligned service providers. Bots cannot read images, watch videos, hear music or see colours and they don’t care how ‘snazzy’ your site is with animations, explosions, videos or fireworks.

The bots are trying to figure out what you do and where you do it – and the only way they can is if you have described your goods and services in language it understands, and in language other people use to find your goods or services when they query Google. It’s a matching exercise – Google has a complete catalogue of all the questions people have asked it (i.e. ‘concrete pumping in Moranbah’) and are looking for people to answer that question (i.e. people with websites who have the words matching ‘concrete pumping in Moranbah’).

How well you have described your service in text, will almost wholly determine how you rank, and where you show up in Google’s search results. But the key here is to: understand the “questions” people are asking Google (otherwise called ‘keywords’) so you can provide that answer in text on your site.

Sites need to be built first with the bots in mind (the egg), so that the ‘Chickens’ (potential customers) can find it. Once they are there, you need to use different tactics for converting those chickens into customers. Have I stretched this metaphor far enough yet?

The key is to understand the questions that people are asking Google.

The key is to understand the questions that people are asking Google.

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A Basic Guide to SEO for Plant Hire Companies

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