A Basic Guide to: SEO for Plant Hire Companies – Part 8

Our eBook - A Basic Guide to SEO

Our eBook - A Basic Guide to SEO

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Mobile FIRST

I’ll sign off by explaining ‘Mobile First’ – the big change to Google that has just hit us like a freight train. Mobile First – is a complete reset to how Google ‘thinks’ about your site and what is on it. Now, the majority of views on the internet are conducted by a mobile phone (not a desktop computer) – it’s no longer OK for you to simply take your desktop site and jam it into a smaller frame.

Google now has two versions of every one of its playfully name algorithms (Penguin, Panda, Wood Duck etc) – a mobile one, and a desktop one. When it’s weighing up all of the 200 ranking factors for your site, it now weighs your customers mobile experience higher than how your site renders on desktop. This means – that you need to be thinking about your mobile experience BEFORE you give consideration to your desktop experience.

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A Basic Guide to SEO for Plant Hire Companies


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