Armour your project with customised surface protection and safety walkway mats that last the distance


The durable surface protection solution for large-scale civil projects

If your project needs surface protection and safety products that deliver complete, long lasting, and customisable protection and site safety – Honcho’s surface protection and safety range is an innovative solution that really delivers.

Honcho’s founders identified a unique opportunity in the Australian construction market to supply surface protection and safety solutions to construction sites, with a focus on meeting the needs of large-scale civil works projects such as airports, road and tunnel infrastructure, stadium builds, and more.

As experts in supplying protection products customised to meet specialised project needs and fit every site like a glove, Honcho’s products are now used on construction sites across Australia.

Whether on longer timeline projects needing surface protection and safety solutions that last the distance, on large scale civil works with stringent safety standards, or on construction works in high usage urban areas with heightened safety and accessibility requirements – Honcho Supplies provides custom solutions for the projects with the most demanding site needs.

Commercial grade protection with rigorous safety standards for major works

Large scale projects with long work schedules demand more from their chosen surface protection products, requiring protection and safety products able to withstand the heavy weathering of on-site project works with the durability to last the distance.

Honcho’s innovative surface protection and safety products are designed to last on large scale civil projects.

Heads of construction and procurement, and site managers of civil works projects including airports, roadways, tunnels, stadiums, transit centres, and more can find the best in safety walkway mats, impact boards, and speciality concrete protection with Honcho Supplies.

Honcho’s Boss Mats are high quality, durable safety/pedestrian walkway mats which provide clear demarcation both for on-site foot traffic, and for safely directing pedestrian traffic around sites in high use urban settings. Boss Mats have a high P4 slip rating for safer movement around sites, are fire retardant and water resistant to improve site safety and improve the durability of the mats, and are brightly coloured for use in poorly lit sites such as tunnel construction. Boss Mats offer heightened safety standards across entire projects, essential for works in dangerous environments such as tunnel construction and maintenance – including their recent use on the Cross Yarra Tunnel project in Melbourne. Customisation to display company branding, colours, and logos is available on all Honcho Boss Mat orders.

Honcho’s Chief Boards are sturdy, long lasting impact boards. They are both lightweight and incredibly durable to reduce the risk of lifting injuries, and to offer greater efficiencies during set up. Chief Boards can be applied directly to delicate surfaces without the need for foam or geo fabric, thanks to their oven-baked fabric backing. These impact boards have a P2 slip rating for site wide safe footing, and are water resistant – meaning, unlike similar products, they will not create trip hazards and compromise site safety by warping or flaring up over time. Chief boards ensure on-site safety remains consistently high for the duration of the project in the face of challenging site conditions.

Application of Honcho’s Specialty Concrete Protection system eliminates the risk of staining, scratches and discolouration to concrete across entire projects. This revolutionary product both protects concrete from staining from products such as hydraulic fluid, paint and diesel, and allows the slab to continue to breathe. The system includes an industry high P5 slip rating for a safer site and is fire retardant.

These products protect surfaces and your business’s reputation by maintaining a safe worksite, keeping surfaces pristine, and keeping your project timeline on track.


When less durable surface protection and safety products are used on projects with long timelines, days can be wasted mid-project on replacing damaged surface protection and safety products which have failed to withstand the longer-term wear and tear. Damaged products can become safety hazards themselves, risking injuries and further project delays. Surface protection products requiring frequent replacement also cost every project time, money, and lost efficiencies.

Honcho’s durable surface protection and safety products have been deliberately designed to last and last, eliminating the need for frequent protection replacement across project sites.

Construction in high usage urban areas

For sites set in high usage urban areas, Honcho’s protection and safety products maintain complete separation along site boundaries between on site works and pedestrian traffic.

Honcho’s products ensure sites are compliant with the stringent safety measures required of works in heavily populated areas. Clearly marked safety walkway mats and trip hazard protection products to safeguard pedestrians are all designed by Honcho Supplies to keep site work in populated areas safe, compliant, and protected.

Honcho’s surface protection products reduce on-site hazards. Fire-retardant, durable, and slip-resistant – they decrease the likelihood of on-site incidents while improving the safety of public walkways used to divert foot traffic around sites in high usage, urban areas.

Impact protection boards create a safer on-site environment and reduce the risk of project down-time by eliminating slip and trip hazards across and around every site for worker and pedestrian safety. These boards prevent potential damage or marking of floor surfaces during site work and protect against fire hazards with their fire-retardant capabilities.

Protect your civil works project the right way with Honcho Supplies

As an Australian company and leading supplier of surface protection products for large scale projects – outlets and distributors of Honcho products exist in almost every state.

To discuss the unique surface protection and safety needs of your next project, and the customised solutions Honcho can offer to meet your specific site needs, speak to a Honcho representative today.

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