Ashley Drive Duplication on Track


The Ashley Drive duplication between Johnson Drive and Erindale Drive in Canberra is now underway.

The upgrade is expected to significantly increase road capacity, while improving access for residents in Lanyon, Calwell and Theodore.

The duplicated section is three kilometres long, and will become a dual carriageway, improving the intersections at Johnson Drive, Ellerston Avenue, Clift Crescent, Budget Avenue and Station Street. There will also be a new carriageway constructed on the east side of the current road, and the south and northbound carriageways are due to receive a two-metre cycle lane and two 3.5 metre lanes.

There will also be additional footpaths built, which will link with current off-road paths, and the existing underpasses near Bugden Avenue and Statton Street will be duplicated, along with the signalised pedestrian crossings at Bugden Avenue and Statton Street intersections- meaning those who cycle or walk will have an improved experience.


Additional features such as an extended noise wall and pedestrian bridge will also be included in the Ashley Drive duplication, as they were requested by the local community during a consultation in late 2014.

The road carries more than 20,000 vehicles every day, and will cost approximately $19.6 million for the full duplication.

The improvements will improve the excessive delays which motorists have been experiencing during peak periods and accommodate the area’s high levels of traffic, especially at the intersection of Ashley drive and Bugden Avenue, Clive Steele Avenue and Station Street.

A range of construction activities are due to begin, including the set up of site offices, road excavation, and removal and stockpiling of topsoil. The project is due to be completed by early 2018.

Roads and Parking Minister Mick Gentleman said that the project is good news for Tuggeranong.

“We need to make sure we deliver the best for the residents of Tuggeranong, so we’re delivering the best in engineering standards for the duplication as well,” he said.

Sources: ACT Gov, Canberra Times

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