Bendigo Groundwater Project is One Step Closer.


Coliban Water’s Bendigo Groundwater Project is another step closer with the Victorian Government awarding three contracts for separate works.

The Victorian Government has awarded three contractors for separate works on its $29.77 million Bendigo Groundwater Project managed by Coliban Water. The project is an interim solution to fix the groundwater problem in Bendigo resulting from historic mining activity.

Member for Bendigo East, Jacinta Allan commented,

“The Victorian Government is fulfilling its commitment to the people of Bendigo by getting on with this essential project to protect the city and surrounding areas from contaminated groundwater from Bendigo’s historic mines.


The facility is anticipated to be operational by June 2017, with Lendlease managing the plant's design, construction, operation and maintenance. Veolia Water Technologies, specialising in water and wastewater treatment solutions, has been awarded the contract to build the plant's pipeline. The facility's brine storage lagoon will be constructed by earthmoving and civil construction company, Ward Bros.

The treatment plant will provide a temporary solution for managing the rising groundwater in the Central Deborah Gold Mine and safeguarding against discharge and impacts on Bendigo's environment and amenities. The groundwater has high levels of arsenic, heavy metals and salinity causing it to give off an unpleasant odour... Or as Colliban Water refers to it as "rotten egg gas", or as we would refer to as bloody *** disgusting.

Colliban Water's project director David Sheehan stated the short term solution was essential to prevent groundwater bubbling up throughout Bendigo and was expected to finally put an end to the sulphur smell that has plagued the city’s central business district for years. The people of Bendigo are fed up with the rotten odour following them around like a bad smell... Like a fart that's been kicked out of home... Or like a perpetual dutch oven covering the city...

Minister for Water Lisa Neville commented,

“This is a great example of the community, Coliban Water and the Victorian Government working together to provide an innovative solution to a serious issue for Bendigo.”


Groundwater bendigo The city's rising groundwater threatens roads and footpaths. Image Source: Fairfax Media.


The groundwater treatment facility will be in operation for an initial four-year period while plans for a permanent solution are sorted out.

The Bendigo Groundwater Project will sustain 30-plus construction, operation and maintenance jobs.


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