BGC Contracting Nominated for Kwinana Waste to Energy Project


Phoenix Energy Australia has nominated BGC Contracting as the preferred contractor for the $400 million Kwinana Waste to Energy Project which will be operating in Western Australia.

The Kwinana Waste to Energy project will be the first of its kind in the country, and will have the capacity to convert 400,000 tonnes of waste into 32MW of electricity each year. It will create more than 800 jobs during the three-year construction phase of the project, and Martin GmbH, Chemical Co and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environment are supplying the technology for the project.

Peter Dyson is the managing director for Phoenix Energy, and he said that BGC was selected due to its local presence, strong record for delivering projects and expertise.
He also said that BGC has assembled a strong team for the completion of the project and “…demonstrated their willingness to work with our international technology providers to successfully complete this landmark development.”

[cwa id='content-ad'] The Kwinana waste to energy project will be led by Rivers Regional Council and will take the waste from six council areas. Thermal technology will incinerate the waste, which will then be converted into energy.

The technology is called ‘Martin Grate’, and has been used successfully around the world by 450 facilities over the last two decades. Some are even near residential areas and schools due to the very low emissions.

The technology will reduce rates for residents involved since it’s both economically sustainable and environmentally friendly, and the plant will power approximately 35,000 homes. The project is also worth close to $1 billion, since the council has committed to using it for 20 years.

BCG Contracting CEO Greg Heylen said that Phoenix Energy has recognised EPC’s ongoing transition into new sectors and markets.

“Given the recent decline in the mining sector, our selection stands testament to our expanded service offering,” he said, and went onto say that the company looks forward to delivering the Kwinana waste to energy project while also building a strong relationship with Phoenix Energy.

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