Multi-billion dollar QLD transport upgrade hailed as a game-changer, massive job & tourism boost

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Edited imagery via Translink and JR Rail

Talk of a brand new rapid rail network in SE QLD continues to make headlines after gaining national coverage last week, as part of a council-led infrastructure project pitch.

The $70 billion project proposal, unveiled by the Queensland Council of Mayors last week, aims to connect patrons from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba in under 45 minutes, in a multifaceted congestion-busting infrastructure package that also includes new road developments and public transport links.

“Being able to travel quickly and enjoyably around SEQ is critical to Queensland’s future competitiveness,” said Matt Bekier, MD of Brisbane’s $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf resort precinct.

The actual rail component of the city council-led “Queensland Bullet Train” pitch has been estimated to cost around $15 billion, with the bulk of the $70b proposal seeming to cover supporting infrastructure and transit links.

“Queensland has a chance to really change the game, and it needs to take it.”

The developments, if they go ahead, are predicted to bolster the State’s economy while helping to ensure that Queensland is able to successfully tap into the ever-increasing number of foreign and interstate tourists for years to come.

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Mr Bekier explains that, “unless we change the way we go about taking SEQ to international tourism markets, we will continue to lose share [to other states]”.

“This [SMEC] research shows that visitors to South East Queensland are looking for a fast and efficient way to explore our region,” said Brisbane Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk.

“If stronger regional connectivity has the potential to supercharge our tourism industry, then a southeast Queensland faster rail network is a win-win for commuters as well as our economy and deserves close consideration from all levels of government.”

Brett Fraser, a Brisbane-based marketing expert, said that there was “an unprecedented opportunity to capture the growing international visitor market… all within a two-hour commute from Brisbane.”



Source: Courier Mail

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