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Bindoon Bypass

Priority Status: Priority Project

State: WA

City: Perth

Suburbs Affected: Muchea to Wubin

Bindoon Bypass Project Plan

  • Bindoon Bypass Cost: 275 million
  • Federal Funding: 220 million
  • WA State Government Funding: 55 million
  • Length of Job: 66 km
  • Bindoon Bypass Construction Details

These proposed works would increase efficiency by allowing these vehicles to travel the full distance of the corridor. Totalling 66 km in length, the scope of the works involves:

  • 61.6 km of new highway
  • 4.4 km of upgrades to the existing highway

The importance of the highway cannot be understated as a key connector between the north-west of Australia and the Perth metropolitan area.

Bindoon Bypass Jobs & Community Plan

Projected Jobs For Bindoon Bypass: Up to 1,600 across Great Northern Hwy upgrade

As part of the National Land Transport Network, the Great Northern Highway is a vital freight connector for the north-west of WA and the Perth metropolitan area. Freight and passenger travel from various industries utilise the highway extensively. Under current conditions, triple-length road trains (53.5 m trucks) are required to stop, decouple and reconfigure their vehicles at Wubin. This is due to the restrictions placed on these trucks with regards to gradient conditions and road alignments on the stretch of highway between Wubin (276 km north of Perth) and Muchea (50 km north of Perth). The result of this is a decrease in efficiency and an increase in freight costs as more truck trips are required to deliver the same amount of freight.

Bindoon Bypass Upgrade Timeline

Bindoon Bypass - Timeframe: 0-5 years.


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