All-in Brawl Erupts Between Horses, Cockatoos and Keyboard Warriors at Roe 8 in WA.


Horses started cracking heads, keyboard warriors fled to the trees while the cockatoos watched on - as the Roe 8 mega-job in WA becomes more of a farce.

A group of rowdy, scruffy and arguably unemployed humans are laying their body-on-the-line in support of a tufty-haired cockatoo who lives in scrub in a Perth suburb nobody has heard of – with the Roe 8 construction project site looking more like a pub in Rockingham on Friday night after it's been drunk dry of black rats than a sensible and productive roadworks project.

Someone (allegedly) installed trip wires in defence of their beloved tufty-haired bird, injuring another much larger and gainfully employed animal, the police horse, erupting in an all-in-brawl with the horses, who were having none of their nonsense. Horses started cracking heads, humans started uploading pictures of black eyes to Facebook, while the cowardly cockatoos stayed right out of it.

The horses had had a gutful at this point – as trip wires had been installed before at both the Perth Freight Link site and Roe 8 construction sites by what police are calling ‘professional protesters’ – which is a generous description considering no one is paying them to be a massive pain-in-the-proverbial to progress of this country, but they are certainly costing everyone money. I’m glad police humans are standing up for the police horses in the matter in the media, given their English is rubbish and their brains are tiny, but I already know what they think of this nonsense given they seem to be acting rationally in the matter.


Some of the weaker protesters climbed trees, presumably to be closer to their beloved cockatoos. Apparently, some of them rigged up ‘platforms’ to make themselves more comfortable while sitting in the trees – because nobody can be reasonably expected to sit in a tree for any extended period of time without a lie-down. Others chained themselves to machinery. It would certainly be an interesting gig for our customers who have gear on that site, presumably getting paid hire rates while their machines aren’t working. I bet there are a couple of dozer operators sitting with their feet up in the cab, molar-deep in a Cheese & Onion Mrs Mac's, giggling as the carnage unfolds in front of them.

This is all good fun and makes for an enjoyable few seconds to read about, until you stop for a minute, break out your wallet and start shelling out pineapples – because we are talking about this debacle costing the Western Australian taxpayer close to $40K per day in policing, not to mention the go-slows at the project – which as been lawfully approved, a number of times and ratified right up to the Federal Court. Not only that – public opinion in the state is well-and-truly behind the project.

Perhaps a correct course of action is for the government to foot them the bill, given that the High Court has thrown out a number of their appeals to delay the job, and groups behind the protest are now up-to-their-eyeballs in debt to pay back the legal fees of the government to the tune of $100K and counting. But getting money out of these scallywags is going to be like bleeding a stone, which will give them a fresh reason to protest the bleeding of stones.

Long-time followers of my blog would remember a heavy online stoush that erupted between me and the founders of one of the main environmental groups behind this protest. A heinous online campaign ensued for about a week, where I was ridiculed, images of me were posted online and mocked, my business partners and investors harassed – all because of any innocuous sentence that was misinterpreted involving driverless dozers – my all-time favourite, but often misunderstood earthmoving machine.

Anyway – it's me and the horses having the last laugh now (quite literally, I’m chuckling to myself as I write).


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