This Bricklaying Robot can Lay 1,000 Bricks an Hour (and it’s from Perth)


Perth company Fastbrick Robotics is in the process of building a second of its commercial prototype of its Hadrian X bricklaying robot.

Fastbrick's Chief Executive Mike Pivac spoke about the moves that are being made behind the scenes.

“Having a second Hadrian X will significantly de-risk the assembly and test phase of our revolutionary bricklaying robot,” he said.

By adopting leading-edge assembly and construction practices from the aeronautical and defence sectors, where building two or more parallel prototypes is the norm having a second prototype will lead to more streamlined and improved outcomes enabling simultaneous testing and more durability testing in a fixed time frame.”

“The Hadrian X prototypes will allow the engineering team to test the robots alongside each other, applying what they have learned during assembly and de-bugging the whole process.

“We’re also performing exhaustive 3D virtual testing and digital simulation for components and have begun procuring items such as hydraulic systems, motors and a latest generation laser-tracking system.”

Earlier this year Caterpillar invested $2 million into Fastbrick, firming Fastbrick’s status as a major player in the machinery industry.

Along with this, Caterpillar signed an MOU allowing the companies to develop a framework for the joint collaboration of the Hadrian X development, manufacturing, sales, and servicing, and servicing of the bricklaying machine.

It is expected that the Hadrian X will cost $2 million per machine when it goes into full production in 2019.

Obviously, this machine has significant implications for the bricklayers of Australia, given Fastbrick claims the Hadrian X machine and associated software will be able to build a house 25% more efficiently than a human bricklayer.


Source: The Urban Developer, Business News, Fastbrick Robotics

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