Cat is Sending its 5000th 793 Mining Truck to Australia


Cat has reached a major milestone in the production of its 793F truck. Caterpillar will send its 5000th 793, which has been in production since 1991, to an Australian mining customer.

“The 793 Mining Truck is the core of Cat surface mining vehicles,” Jean Savage, Caterpillar vice president of the Surface Mining & Technology Division said at a recent ceremony held at Cats US manufacturing facility. “The 793 has been an integral part of making Caterpillar the leading supplier of surface mining equipment. I thank the assembly team as well as those who developed the truck and those who support the trucks working in mines around the world.”


The current generation of 793’s is the 793F which has become a popular choice for autonomous operations. Over 100 of the 793F’s are being operated via a command center. Western Australia is home to the largest amounts of autonomous trucks, though autonomous fleet sizes are growing in North and South America.

Sughanshu Singh, Cat’s global product manager for large mining trucks, has spoken about what has driven the success of the 793F.

“The 793’s success is a direct result of collaboration with customers, Cat dealers and cross functional teams within the Caterpillar organisation — who have worked to optimise the performance of Cat trucks in a wide range of applications,” Singh said.

“Our very first 793 truck, placed in service 27 years ago, is still in service delivering best-in-class cost per ton.”

The truck Singh is referencing now accumulated 173,000 operating hours.

Source: Caterpillar

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