Christmas Rigs - the Ultimate Collection


We've searched the internet top to bottom and built the biggest and best collection of earthmoving gear strung up in Christmas lights.

You won't find a better collection of Christmas rigs anywhere.


tractor christmas lights

Santa with the latest crop of gifts.

christmas lights tractors

I feel sorry for the junior salesman who spent days in the snow setting this up.

loader in christmas lights

Ice-cold loader.

excavator christmas lights - earthmoving

Hi-Vis taken to a whole new level.

crane christmas lights

Lighting up the skylines.

loader - christmas lights earthmoving gear

Earthmoving maypole.

excavator christmas lights

Pretty decent billboard for this dealership.

bobcat loader christmas lights

We need a parade for earthmoving gear up in lights.

christmas lights on cement truck

Turning these lights on would burn through my annual power bill in about an hour.

cement truck christmas lights

Not enough lights.

road truck christmas lights

A lot of effort went into this one. The rims sell it.

merry christmas truck

Merry Christmas!

christmas lights loader

Another close-up of our favourite display.

christmas lights cement truck

Up in lights!

christmas road truck

Road truck ready to roll, up in Christmas lights.

christmas rig truck

This one is great - the aerials make it.

christmas rigs - trucks in christmas lights

One of the trucks in the middle looks like they prematurely pulled the plug.

christmas rig - truck and dog

And to wrap things up - Santa Claus's Christmas Rig! Good luck parking this one on the roof.

Got some better images of earthmoving gear and trucks covered in Christmas lights? Send them through to us! We want more Australian Christmas rigs.

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