Construction in Sydney is booming - here’s what it means for Plant Hire companies!

Tunnelling work in Sydney

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Infrastructure development is booming across New South Wales and with the WestConnex, Western Sydney Airport, Sydney Metro Stage 2 & 3, and Cross City Tunnel all in their early phases, there are still a few good years of guaranteed work to come.

What does the boom mean for companies in the Contracting and Plant Hire game?

They’re busy! Obviously. With large subbies contracted to major projects for years to come and smaller operators mopping up the smaller scale or shorter term jobs, plant hire companies are faced with a unique set of challenges.

Most prominently is a skills shortage, finding high skilled operators to undertake and deliver high quality work on contracts is causing headaches for company owners.

Even an operator who looks A+ on paper, good experience, strong references, can leave much to be desired once they are sitting behind the ignition.

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What’s the solution?

To help meet this increased demand for high quality skilled labour, companies are taking matters into their own hands and offering job searchers the chance to earn their ticket through on-site training programs. This gives job seekers valuable experience and training opportunities while additionally giving companies better scope to test applicants and gauge their skills before committing to a long-term contract. 

Ocon is one such provider, set to open a training yard in Western Sydney where operators can come and earn hire tickets with real hands on experience. The result is quality training from local professionals who ensure competence in a machine.

Next we come to the supply vs demand predicament. Ambitious business owners are looking to take advantage of the cycle and expand their fleet. But with utilisation rates so high, good quality second hand machines can be hand to come by.

And then comes the age old question, how fast can I grow?

What goes up must come down - It has before and it will again.

Savvy operators are planning for the future, expanding their order book, establishing a strong digital presence and building an inbound lead funnel to ensure that they remain winners in this game when the end of the cycle inevitably approaches.

Click here for a list of major projects in NSW.

Below are a few informative videos about Sydney-based projects from our media library.

Sydney Metro: 


Western Sydney Airport (Badgery's Creek Airport):




 Western Sydney Zoo:


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