Construction of the $800 million Northern Gas Pipeline has been Completed

Northern Gas Pipeline

A natural gas pipeline

The Northern Gas Pipeline, linking Tennant Creek to Mt Isa, has officially completed construction and gas is expected to start flowing by the end of the year.

Antoon Boey, Jemena's executive general manager of corporate development, has spoken about reaching this major milestone.

“All the wells have been finished, the pipe has now been fully covered in the trench,” he said. “We have to now undergo a whole lot of safety tests but we are very confident that we can now commission the pipeline by the end of this year.”

“As soon as there is gas there to be sold, we can within the space of six to nine months, expand the current pipeline and if there’s a lot more gas, beyond 160 terajoules or so per day, we can look to expand the pipeline by way of duplicating it and that would then add orders of magnitude of additional capacity,” he said.


Once commissioned the Northern Gas Pipeline will be able to deliver 90 terajoules of gas per day. 70% of this has already been contracted for year one.

McConnell Dowell built 422 kilometres of the pipeline in the Northern Territory while Spiecapag Australia constructed the 141 kilometre section.

Construction of the Mt Isa compressor Station has also been completed, while the Phillip Creek compressor station in the Northern Territory is almost completed.

Antoon Boey also spoke about Jemena's plans to extend and expand the NGP in expectation of the gas produced from the Northern Territories Beetaloo Basin.

“The amount of gas in the Beetaloo Basin in particular is of such a magnitude that not only could it supply the Northern Territory with all of its foreseeable needs, but it could also provide the east coast with enough gas to make a real dent, if not completely alleviate the current supply problems we now have on the east coast,” he said. 

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