Crane Hire Rates Guide


What are typical hourly crane hire rates?

Crane hire rates can vary dramatically based on a few factors that include, type of crane, tonnage required, location and whether you need an operator and rigger etc. On the low end you could be paying $140 an hour to dry hire a 12 tonne franna crane, whereas a tower crane could cost you around $15,000 to hire for a month. This guide will cover appropriate hire rates for every size and category of crane so you can make an informed decision.

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What are typical franna crane hire rates?

  • 12 tonne franna crane hire rates: $170/hour
  • 14 tonne franna crane hire rates: $175/hour
  • 16 tonne franna crane hire rates: $180/hour
  • 20 tonne franna crane hire rates: $210-$260/hour
  • 25 tonne franna crane hire rates: $265-$310/hour
  • Transport to and from site: Is generally the same as the company's hourly rate

 Non-slewing mobile cranes, often called franna cranes, include rough terrain and all terrain models. Franna cranes, or a pick and carry crane (when under 25 tonnes), can be used for jobs where the load only needs to be lifted and moved backwards or forward. Franna cranes are the most popular type of crane to hire on the iSeekplant platform which often makes their hiring rates more flexible.


What are typical crawler crane hire rates?

  • Mini crawler crane (2-3 tonnes): $455 - $660/day
  • $200 - $250 delivery fee, dependant on distance
  • Larger model rates quoted on a case by case basis

Crawler cranes are one of the larger pieces of heavy equipment available through iSeekplant's crane hire suppliers, and can lift between 40 to 3,500 tonnes. Crawler cranes are sometimes referred to as tracked cranes due to the set of tracks underneath the machine which allows this type of crane to move.


What are typical tower crane hire rates?

We've seen tower crane's go for about $15,000/month. On top of this monthly rate are fees for installation and disassembly which typically costs around $60,000 and includes shipping the crane to site, hiring the mobile crane used to assemble the tower crane, the crew that handles the assembly and so on.

There are a number of suppliers on iSeekplant that offer tower cranes, which are attached to a concrete slab and secaured to the ground. Tower cranes often give the best combination of lifting capacity and height. Similar to the crawler crane, tower cranes can be hard to transport and mobilise but are often necessary when constructing tall building.


What are typical crane truck hire rates?

The most common crane truck is a 6 tonne truck with a tonne crane attached, to hire this size crane truck costs around $354 per day.

A crane truck is an incredibly mobile crane which is often used for transporting heavy items across large distances. A crane truck is a heavy, modified truck which has a crane mounted on it. These cranes do not have the lifting capabilities of other crane categories given they are limited due to being mounted on a truck.

How much will wet crane hire cost (with an operator and rigger)?

  • Crane operator hire rates: $70-$100/hour
  • Certified Rigger hire rates: $70-$90/hour
  • These prices need to be added on top of the crane itself

Cranes are a complicated piece of heavy machinery. They require a certified operator at all times to ensure the construction site remains sage and all work is carried out correctly. Through iSeekplant you can specify you require Wet (with an operator) or Dry (without an operator) hire when you hire your crane.

Minimum Crane Hire Terms

Most suppliers specify a minimum term which they will hire the crane out for, such as a half day of four hours or a full day of eight hours. The larger the crane the longer the minimum hire length is due to the increased costs of transport and shipping.

Crane Hire Mobilisation

Crane mobilisation is very expensive (especially tower cranes) given how large and complicated they are. This means it is crucial the contract sets out a few major points, these are covered below;

  • Who is paying for the mobilisation
  • Does the mobilisation require a double wide truck? If so, will transport require a police escort?
  • Does the machine need to be assembled on site?
  • Is the crane road registered?

Crane Subcontracts

Cranage subcontracts require you to conduct a lifting study to summarise all the crane operations that will be done on site. A lifting study is conducted by a rigging engineer. The subcontractor will then conduct all crane operations on site, meaning it will be completely wet hire.

If you are looking for expert advice about the best crane hire for your next project, get in touch with iSeekplant or check out the supplier listings on our website. You can browse many different crane hire suppliers and find the best rental rates on cranes available.

How to get the best crane hire rates

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iSeekplant specialises in getting quotes for people looking for construction gear. Use iSeekplant's Get Rates tool and we will provide you with the best quotes for your job, completely free of charge! Our network of crane hire options sprawls across the country far and wide including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and regional areas. 


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