Dial Before You Dig NSW partners up with Civil Contractors Federation for major industry announcement


Sensing a gap in the skills development of the civil infrastructure industry, Dial Before You Dig and the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) of NSW have come together to create an upskilling centre, the Institute of Civil Infrastructure (ICI).

The Institute of Civil Infrastructure is a Non-for-Profit organisation aiming to providing industry standards and recognition, continuous professional learning, and networks that support the futures of civil infrastructure supervisors and managers.

Dial Before You Dig is a free national referral service designed to prevent damage and disruption to pipe and cable networks providing Australia with essential services. Dial Before You Dig is a single point of contact for information on underground networks at your excavation site. They are also a proud founding sponsor and learning partner of the Institute, which is taking active steps to provide a framework for recognising skills against national industry standards.

The Civil Contractors Federation is the leading voice of the civil infrastructure construction and maintenance industry in NSW. It is the only organisation in Australia charged with representing all employers in the civil infrastructure construction and maintenance industry. CCF NSW represents a diverse membership bound by a common interest in building the civil infrastructure NSW so desperately needs.

Contributions by Dial Before You Dig and the civil infrastructure industry made ICI possible

Dial Before You Dig, as well as a range of other civil infrastructure bodies, have come together to sponsor the Institute of Civil Infrastructure as they recognise the need for new structure in the industry. Their contribution has created a national hub for learning, networking and support for the civil infrastructure industry.

Australia relies heavily on the civil infrastructure industry workforce as pressure to connect the country through roads, highways and bridges, ports, and urban development skyrockets. In order to keep up with the growing development, education and re-education for civil infrastructure professionals is a necessity.

The Institute is here to support the future and careers of civil infrastructure professionals. ICI provides flexible and civil specific learning spaces, opportunities to network and transparent nationally recognised grading. The Institute is the place to go to build, or start, a career in civil infrastructure.


The Institute of Civil Infrastructure offers a range of membership and learning opportunities

The Institute of Civil Infrastructure is broken up into different membership levels to include everyone in the civil infrastructure industry. The three levels of membership available are:
  • Civil Infrastructure Managers (CIM): people managing or likely to manage other people in a civil infrastructure role, including;
    • Leading Hands and Supervisors who are starting to manage people
    • Engineers, Surveyors, Designers - recently graduated to the very experienced
    • Middle Management
    • Senior Management
    • State Managers, GM's and CEOs
    • Business Owners
  • Affiliates: the broader community connected with and supporting the civil infrastructure industry.
  • Students: Those currently studying for an ICI Approved Qualification at a recognised Australian tertiary institution.

These memberships provide access to a range of services including learning courses, grading, industry updates, and networking events. Being a member also provides significant discounts on the vital learning courses.

The ICI Learning Program has over 80 courses to choose from, with participants able to self-select depending on their learning needs and interests. The Learning Program is not just focused on teaching technical civil skills. It also includes important training relating to the management of your people and business.

  • Technical – Specific civil technical knowledge and expertise
  • People – Skills for managing self and others, employment law and OH&S
  • Business and operation – Skills required across business management

As Dial Before You Dig is a Learning Partner with the Institute, they are writing and providing courses on the importance of utility locating. The courses have been created by Assistant Manager Otre Moussa, who is a qualified civil engineer with over 20 years’ experience. The courses have been tailored to each level of ICI membership.

The Dial Before You Dig courses cover general awareness and continuous usage of the Dial Before You Dig service to lessen the risk of damage. The courses also cover an understanding the Dial Before You Dig service and the limitations of the information that utility members provide.

The knowledge Dial Before You Dig provides in the classroom is vital on the worksite. The potential for serious injury and death is a constant threat when digging and if there is no accurate mapping of utilities, such as gas and electricity, the threat increases tenfold.

Visit Dial Before You Dig today for information on underground utilities and the dangers of excavation around utilities. Also, the Institute of Civil Infrastructure is a national body, but initial delivery is in NSW only. Learning Courses are open to everyone. For information on courses, pricing and how to register, visit https://www.iciaustralia.com.

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