Digging deep for mental health

Excavator with bucket against blue sky.

The Construction Industry are uniting to raise $1 million for Beyond Blue at the Dig Deep Event this November.

This family friendly event is also set to raise critical awareness for Mental Health. Anyone can start by using the hashtag #keepdiggingkeeptalking.

The Dig Deep Initiative Incorporated committee was formed by a passionate group within the civil construction industry, who seek to support of their fellow industry members suffering from mental health issues.

In a statement, the organisers of the Dig Deep Event stressed the importance of supporting each other “now more than ever”, saying, “Mental health issues can affect us allit does not discriminate between genders, races, socio-economic circumstances or location”.

Mental health is a particularly significant issue in the construction industry. Suicide rates are 80% higher in the industry than the general working age population, and construction workers are 6 times more likely to die from suicide than an incident at work. One construction worker a day is lost to suicide, and young men in the industry are more than twice as likely to take their own lives than other young Australian men.

Organisations like Beyond Blue provide vital support to people experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions and the Dig Deep Event aims to provide donations to assist with their much-needed support services, programs, research, advocacy, and communication activities, including those directed to construction workers.

The upcoming Dig Deep Event, located in Melbourne this November, will bring the industry together in support for Beyond Blue and the services they provide. The family friendly event will provide entertainment for the whole family, including a petting zoo, music, showbags, and food trucks.

The event will also include a showcase of Australian earthmoving equipment and the latest construction technologies, and present an excavator challenge that’s expected to include some of Victoria’s top operators. The event will engage visitors with a broad range of earthmoving machinery and attachments, trucks, trailers, bikes, utility vehicles, earthworks tools, agricultural machinery, mowing equipment, and more.

The organisers of the Dig Deep Event have been busy behind the scenes organising support for the event from the construction industry’s biggest players, but the company says opportunities to sponsor the event have not yet run out. The Dig Deep Event organisers encourage anyone interested in supporting the event to reach out.

Companies can become a gold or platinum sponsor of the event and have their brand attached to the fundraising day and all media communications surrounding the event. Companies are also welcome to sponsor an event area, take up an exhibitor space to share their wares, or simply provide financial support to the Dig Deep Event organisers as they plan and deliver the event. Those looking for something a bit more thrilling can even register their best operator to compete in the excavator challenge.

Anyone looking for updates on which household names have signed up to sponsor the event can view them on digdeepevent.org.

The Dig Deep Event team says in order to reach their goal of $1 million for Beyond Blue, they need the help and support of the industry.

“There is absolutely no doubt that this is a challenging time, but without the industry working together to support Beyond Blue so that they can continue to provide vitally important support services, these challenging times may just become insurmountable for those in real need.”

Donations can be given directly to Beyond Blue via the Dig Deep Event’s fundraising page fundraise.beyondblue.org.au/cre-civil-group-pty-ltd

Stay up to date on the Dig Deep Event by following them @digdeepevent on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, or contact the organisers directly by phone at (03)-9108-4838 or email at info@digdeepevent.org.


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