Downer has won a major construction contract to deliver Australia's largest solar farm!

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BELECTRIC GmbH have awarded Downer a major contract for work on “Australia’s largest solar farm project”.

The contract covers construction of BELECTRIC’s, who are owned by German-multinational Innogy SE, 349MW Limondale Solar Farm located in southern New South Wales.

Around 150 construction jobs are expected to be delivered over the course of delivery, with up to seven full-time operational positions following completion.

“It makes me proud that we can now start with the construction of our first utility-scale PV plant in Australia – one of the continents with the highest solar irradiation per square meter,” said Hans Bünting, COO at Innogy SE Renewables.

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Trevor Cohen, an executive director at Downer, relished the contract win and spoke about the grand benefits that the project will offer.

“We are pleased to be working with BELECTRIC on the Limondale Solar Farm, which will deliver significant economic and environmental benefits for the local community,” said Mr Cohen.

The project will notably feature 868,000 solar panels that will be mounted on single axis‐tracker frames across 1025 hectares.

Full commercial operation expected to begin by early 2020, with construction starting this month.“Once the Limondale Solar Farm is built, Downer will have constructed close to three gigawatts of renewable energy projects – making Downer a leader in the industry.”

Once completed, the project will see Downer as a heavyweight in the industry, where on completion Downer would be responsible for creating close to three gigawatts of renewable energy across Australia.

Innogy plans to sell the plant’s output on the wholesale market, where on completion it will become one of the most significant merchant projects by a considerable margin.



Source: Downer


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