Dozer hire Perth: Using Machine Control to get the best out of your dozer.

Why do you use Machine Control or GPS machine guidance when you hire a dozer?

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Whilst dozers aren’t operated with the same accuracy as a grader or scraper, applying GPS machine control to a hired dozer in Perth or the surround mining and construction areas can have a number of crucial benefits to both the machine, dozer operator and earthworks projects.

Dozers are an easy machine to operate and are quite reliable and versatile. However, deploying this machine on hire with GPS machine guidance, may mean that the dozers can work at twice the speed or productivity than if operated manually.

More and more earthworks sites around Perth are using GPS machine guidance exclusively for their surveying needs, so applying machine control to the dozers you hire can be essential to ensure the dozer is working to site plans and schedules in the same way that the excavators, graders and scrapers are when they are working with machine guidance.

By applying machine control, you not only work to the project-wide GPS machine plan without the use of pegs or traditional surveying equipment which can be less accurate and with room for mistakes, errors, missing pegs or physical markers. With GPS machine control guiding the dozer from the cab, the operator is able to keep within the specified site plan for earthworks with greater clarity, executing the earthworks at a faster pace and with greater productivity per hour of operation.

Even though dozers hired to a job in Perth are often used for bulk earthworks, applying machine control to a hired dozer means that accuracy of blade operation can almost get to final grade level. A grader does need to be deployed in almost all cases, but increasing the accuracy and precision of the dozer to get the material to close to grade level, then improves the productivity of the grader operator and the speed at which final grade can be executed.

Machine control can be fitted to the machine permanent itself, or hired and applied to one-off projects.

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