Get Endorsements and Kill the Competition.


Today, we’re releasing an awesome new feature.

Endorsements are a huge addition to the way things work here. Over the four years that iSeekplant has been operating, we’ve gathered countless feedback from contractors and people who hire machinery. From procurement managers for major contractors to small private residential jobs, everyone has the same two questions when we introduce them to our system.

"How much do these guys cost, and are they any good?”

We’ve addressed the cost issue with our quote system and direct contact route to operators. However, we had no surefire way of determining the quality of individual operators. Until now.

iSeekplant endorsements are designed to reward operators who do great work. We want to make sure the most conscientious and solidly performing companies float to the top when people are hunting for plant. As a result, a major outcome of our endorsement system will be changes to the iSeekplant Search Algorithm. These changes won’t roll out until the endorsements feature has been live for a few months and gathered some steam.

When that time comes, endorsements will start to affect search results. This means that a company with a large number of positive endorsements will result in a company getting a few “ranking points” towards appearing higher in iSeekplant search results.

Introducing endorsements is a huge step for iSeekplant. We’re making a concerted effort to move away from competing strictly on price, to a strong focus on quality. We’ve always been very “positive” at iSeekplant. Moving forward, we’ll still be positive. However, we’ll also make sure that shoddy contractors are slowly weeded out of the system. At the end of the day, iSeekplant only works if everyone using the site gets an A+ experience.


How Endorsements Work:

The Endorsement feature can be accessed from the Customer Portal. Members can log in and navigate to the Endorsements tab. From there, it’s a simple matter of entering the contractor’s first name, company name and email address.

Once the member punches in that info, we’ll fire off a friendly email to the contractor letting them know that the member has requested an endorsement.

All they have to do is click the button in the email. That will take them to a landing page, where they tick “Yes, please endorse”, and write a little spiel about their experience (if they’re super pleased).

The more thumbs up you get – the higher up the search results you go! More endorsements, the higher you rank! We want to promote quality plant hire companies so our users stay happy.

That’s it! It's Simple.

This is a long term project. Over the next twelve months, we’re hoping to gather hundreds of endorsements from contractors that procure plant through our site. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

In the meantime, start requesting endorsements! 

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