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Registering for iSeekplant- the most visited plant hire website in Australia, with thousands of people searching each day for machines to hire for residential, civil and mining earthmoving jobs - takes 2.5 minutes. What's your excuse for not registering for free?

iSeekplant connects your machines to supervisors, project managers, engineers, mining and contracting companies. Watch this cool video and we explain how!

Are you looking for an easy way to find work for your machines? Here at iSeekplant, we use the web to find you new customers and get your machines out on hire more regularly. By registering with us, it gives the opportunity for your machines to be seen by thousands of people who search our site every day. All you need to do is sign up with us and your machines will come up in thousands of hire searches every day, you'll get project leads matching your fleet emailed to you directly, and you'll grow your work opportunities exponentially.

To understand what we are all about, simply watch the short video below. We explain how you can be a part of all the action on iSeekplant in a way that suits your business objectives.

It takes only 2 and 1/2 minutes to register and get your profile happening! You've got 2.5 minutes spare to grow your business, right?

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<Video Transcript>

<Dave> Hi, welcome to iSeekplant - I’m Dave Hawkins, National Sales Manager. We usually prefer to chat to you personally, but you’ve been sent this video because you’re a busy person and we’ve not had the chance to catch up. That’s OK – because joining iSeekplant is about to make you busier.

So what is iSeekplant – well, in the simplest terms, iSeekplant is like a dating site for your machines. We connect your business and fleet with project managers, engineers, supervisors, mining companies and contracting companies searching for machines and suppliers online. There are hundreds of thousands of searches for machines in Google every month – these represent people who need machines now and don’t know the right supplier to call. If you’re not online, then they won’t know to call you.

<Sally> Hi, I’m Sally McPherson – Marketing Director and the person responsible for finding you new customers on the internet. You need to be on iSeekplant because we have close to 70,000 users of our system each month from the industry, and they run over 6000 machine searches a day looking for plant hire suppliers across Australia. If your machines aren’t in our directory, then you’re missing opportunities.

All these people come in through our millions of Google ranks – if you are looking to hire a machine and type say, ‘excavator hire Ballarat’ into Google – we’re the top listing and then they find us, then they find you.  Then they call you directly, visit your website or email you and ask about your machines.

<Dave> Dave here again. You get the most action in our machine searches here on what we call a ‘Standard Listing’. For as little as $35 a month, your machines can appear in these searches and your phone will start ringing. It’s a simple as that.

<Drew> Hi, I’m Drew McPherson, Projects Director and I’m one of the guys that designed this system and built it four years ago. As an engineer, I used to find plant sourcing frustrating and inefficient so I decided to create a massive database of plant hire suppliers across Australia and put it on the internet for people to easily search and find the machines they need. When an engineer or supervisor is onsite and a machine breaks down, what do you reckon the first thing they would do is? Well, nowadays they pull out their smart phone and search our site for it online. Sometimes – they just call our office and we go looking for them. We do this all for free so our customers get more work.

My team of guys is constantly out on the road meeting with procurement managers, site supervisors, project engineers and the top dogs at the major construction companies who make decisions about hiring plant and hundreds of them now use iSeekplant to procure whole fleets for projects across Australia. Let me show you how they do this.

A project engineer who needs machines comes into our system and tells our system about the fleet of machines they are chasing. Our system then matches that job to the best possible suppliers within a reasonable distance of the project. If you are one of these suppliers, you are handpicked, with a handful of your competitors, to price the job. You get an email with the guys contact details, the construction or mining company he works for and the two of you connect and talk shop. From here – you price the job and do the deal direct and we step out.

<Dave> But you have to be on a ‘Premium Package’ to get matched to these major projects. But don’t worry, Premium Packages start as low as $60 per month. Being on a Premium Package also means you outrank everyone else in the machine search directory. So which package suits you best depends on what you want to achieve. If you like your phone to ring, and to promote your business afford-ably to a very large number of decision makers, then start out on the Standard Listing – you can always upgrade later.

But if you want to really ramp your business up, get your machines on the largest projects in Australia and have major projects leads emailed directly to you without lifting a finger, or getting in your work ute to meet anyone, then you need to be on a Premium Listing. It’s the cheapest possible way to find real project leads for your business and get the jump on all the big jobs happening in the country.

<Sally> Our memberships are really affordable – but we actually save you a bunch of time and money. Companies who have listed with us haven’t needed Business Development Managers anymore because we do that work for them. They don’t need expensive websites, or to buy advertising, because we have more eyeballs looking at our site than all the industry magazines combined or any field day , expo or construction industry junket run in any city. And if you don’t believe us – check our Performance Tab in your login or our customer testimonials page.

 <Dave> Just before I sign off – just a few pointers on the features of our system you get access to as a member. First is the performance tab – where you can check out your performance stats and traffic on the site. Then head to search for projects, and run a search for a machines sitting in your yard. You’ll see all the jobs that are live in the system currently requiring that machine. Make sure you list all your plant in a detailed way under the ‘List Plant Tab’ and definitely upload photos. Photos get you the most action on the system. Load your depots into locations, and some company information into your ‘Profile’ and you’re done.

So I hope we’ve really driven home the message that if you’re not on iSeekplant – you need to be because your missing job opportunities every day that you machines aren’t listed on our system.

Call us on 1300 691 912 and we’ll discuss your options, or simply click the ‘call me’ button below and we’ll call you back ASAP. You can go ahead and click ‘list my plant’ and pop your machines in and we can go from there.

<end transcript>



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