Grader Hire Brisbane: grader operation and considerations when hiring

Important factors when considering Grader hire in Brisbane.

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When you are looking for a grader in Brisbane, you often have to consider the quality of the grader operator as a key factor to the success of your project, not just the pure cost of the grader. iSeekplant can help you identify machines and companies with highly skilled operators.

Cost is always a factor on earthworks projects, however cost can be viewed in many ways. If you look only at the cost of the machine and its pure rental rate, then you aren't looking at the bigger picture. If you remain focused on this small detail, you can miss the long term view of total cost to your project.

When you find suppliers and receive rates for graders to hire in Brisbane, consider why the cheapest grader rate is so cheap and how that could affect your project before you jump at the chance to save money. Occasionally, you will see a difference in Australian grader hire prices of up to $30 per hour: - which is between 20% to 40% difference.

Grader hire suppliers, of which there are literally hundreds listed on iSeekplant can vary in size and skill - and grading your earthworks project requires skill, precision and an intimate knowledge of how to operate that machine. Final trim grader operators are very hard to find and retain, they are highly sought after skills in earthmoving and it takes years of practise and experience to operate a grader with a 3mm-5mm tolerance.

To avoid these implications, here are some critical questions to ask the grader hire company:

  • Is their grader owned outright? If so then ask if the grader is very old. Then ask yourself the question, does an old machine present an unreliability risk for my project?
  • How experienced is the operator and how long has this operator been driving a grader? Is the operator from labour hire or are they employed by the plant hire company directly?
  • Is it an Owner Operator or large company?
  • If the company is not making a profit on hiring their grader then will they be able to continue working on my project until completion or will I lose them half-way through and suffer expensive down-time?

Calculation for Grader Hire Operator Competency

For this example we have an earthworks project that entails building a road in Brisbane, which requires a water cart, roller, grade checker along with multiple truck and dogs that supply gravel. We are considering two Brisbane based grader rental companies for a wet hire earthworks project, however one company is $30 per hour cheaper than the other. The expensive grader will cost an extra $300 per day and the sell rate for gravel to the client is $110 per m3 trimmed and compacted. However, if the expensive grader comes with a highly skilled and experienced operator, then the operator only needs to be able to place two extra 'Truck and Dogs' worth of gravel each day (extra 30m3) to make you a considerable profit. To put this into perspective, that’s 30m3 x $110 per m3 = $3,300 additional revenue per day for an extra cost of $300 per day in grader hire.

Owner Operator versus Large supplier: Pros and Cons

Depending on the margin in your project, you may or may not have the luxury of paying higher market rates for operators who are highly skilled and effective, thereby commanding a higher rate for their service. Moreover, depending on the size of your earthworks project, you may need the service and presence of a large plant hire company to guarantee streamlined earthworks done on a tight schedule with no machine down-time.

In our experience at iSeekplant - we find that Owner Operators, particularly grader hire businesses, tend to provide highly skilled, quality provision of both the machine and operation. Owner Operators are small companies, but trade on their reputation and quality of the work they do - otherwise they do not see continuous work opportunities. However, they often only have one machine and if that machine breaks down, you may need to cross hire to replace, or wait until the problem is solved causing down-time for your project.

Conversely - larger plant hire companies with graders in their hire fleet can give you this piece of mind - can often replace or service the grader more quickly than smaller companies and can respond quickly when there are scope changes. That's said, they lose some control over the quality of operation or reliability of operators if they source operators from labour hire or other external labour sources other than direct employees of their business.  This is not to say that their quality of service is less than that of an Owner Operator - there are no hard or fast rules, however we always recommend making extensive enquiries into any business you bring on your site - and one of the quickest ways to do this is use iSeekplant.

When you are hiring a grader for your next earthworks project, consider reliability and quality of operators as being the most important factors. Click on the link below to return a list of grader suppliers in Brisbane quickly, then you can refine your search from there using the panel on the left-hand side.

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