GraysOnline are auctioning off tonnes of iSeekplant's most requested Machinery

GraysOnline are currently holding a mostly unreserved field recovery fleet & vacuum trailers auction, closing Tuesday, June 14th - with the final hammer falling at 6pm (AEST).

We got jazzed here at iSeekplant because sucker trucks, tankers, vacuum excavation units are our number one most requested item on iSeekplant.

Here's the important information - sucker trucks are our most requested item - partly due to the NBN work, and partly due to Vac Trucks and non-destructive excavation being a real trend in high density areas. I'll repeat that - out of all the excavators, loaders, graders, tippers, generators and other gear on our site - it's vacuum gear that is currently getting the most searches, and there is a shortage of suppliers for all locations.

In the last 30 days (up until June 10th) we've had 640 requests for vacuum excavation machinery, which makes it (just barely) our most requested item for the month running. So far this year, we've fielded 2,769 searches for vacuum excavation gear. Considering many of these are for big jobs and long contracts, this represents a huge amount of work. It's a handy field to play in, if you're game.

Obviously demand for different types of plant and equipment shifts and changes over the years, but right now sucker trucks and tankers are in-vogue. If you're in the market for some gear, or looking for a sea change, then you should probably check out this auction.

GraysOnline Auction Details

The auction is held in Roma, under instruction from BHD Group who are looking to shift a load of surplus equipment. For all enquiries, email Scott Bednall: or, you can give him a call on 0434 627 726.

About GraysOnline

GraysOnline is a leading Australian auction and retail company. They've got fingers in loads of pies, such as consumer and industrial goods, manufacturing products, and of course machinery and equipment. GraysOnline first shifted auctions to the internet in 2000, and they've seen significant success since then. With over a century of experience in selling, buying and auctioneering, GraysOnline have firmly cemented their place in Australia's market for second-hand plant.

Employing over 400 people in Australia and New Zealand, GraysOnline shift around 120,000 items of product every month, servicing both consumers and businesses. They also play in the valuation and Workplace Health & Safety space, which are natural offshoots of hosting auctions.

We recommend that everyone in the market for used equipment check out GraysOnline. It'll give you a good idea of where prices are in the market, and there's a good chance they'll have what you're looking for.

You can visit the auction page here.

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