Spin that wheel – GRI Tires get real about eco-friendly tyre management

GRI Tires

It’s not easy being green, a Muppet once proclaimed with an undertone of sorrow. And while it may not be the simplest road to travel, especially in the world of business, I’m sure Kermit the Frog will agree that it’s a worthwhile one.

GRI Tires share this vision for a greener business approach and, since their establishment in 2002, have placed sustainability firmly at the forefront of their operations.

Over the years GRI has built a reputation for manufacturing and developing high-quality industrial tyres and, despite becoming a global specialty manufacturer, remain a family-owned business. It’s the commitment to these family roots and the willingness to embrace their Sri-Lankan heritage that has created a point of difference to their competition, not to mention the retention of their proactive attitudes towards both the customer experience and sustainable practices.

At the heart of GRI, they want what’s best for you, the customer – or friend of customer who is reading this on their behalf – and if they can deliver solutions that help you to overcome the unique challenges in your slice of the industry whilst remaining environmentally sustainable then really, what’s not to love?

Robust tyre construction that aims to keep the earth spinning

When it comes to implementing sustainable changes into your own backyard, often it’s the almighty dollar that rules the roost. Fortunately, the R&D team at GRI have innovation in spades and, with world-class Sri-Lankan rubber at their disposal, have engineered a range of industrial tyres that are proven to reduce not only operating costs but fuel consumption and overall emissions. GRI tyres allow you to enhance productivity, reduce resource consumption, and make your own environmentally friendly impact all whilst going about your regular daily business routine. All it’s going to cost you is a set of tyres but doing so can help ensure it won’t cost the rest of us the earth.

A walk that follows the talk

Change starts at home, and it doesn’t get any more environmentally friendly than the factory where your GRI Tyres begin their lifespan. The GRI production facilities come fully equipped with solar panel arrays, biomass boilers, and water reclamation systems. This is paired with a smorgasbord of green policies that cover everything from material sourcing through to waste management. Locally, GRI Australia’s operations have gone paperless, incorporated solar and earth wool insulation into their workshops, and are an active participant in used-tyre recycling and repurposing. No dead rubber results on Australian soil.

The proof is in the product

Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any better, those R&D kids went and created an eco-friendly version of GRI’s high-performance Ultimate XT tyre. By replacing petroleum-based oil with a natural, carbon-neutral alternative, this “green” solid rubber tyre is another step towards a zero-carbon future. You can also rest assured that this environmentally friendly manufacturing process has in no way hampered the tyre’s performance in comparison to its predecessors. If Greta Thunberg owned a tractor or any other piece of agricultural machinery, you can be sure that it would be kitted out in these babies.

GRI Tires

The GREEN X Circle Initiative

Beyond the factory walls, October saw the launch of “Greening Our Planet,” part of GRI’s GREEN X Circle initiative. Their ambitious goal of creating an independent, end-to-end supply chain saw them plant 450 rubber trees across smallholder farmers’ natural rubber estates in Moneragala, Sri Lanka. The overarching purpose of this initiative will be to combine the two agricultural communities that GRI supports and encourage the integration of sustainability across both ecosystems - from the rubber tree farmers who grow their supply crop to the agriculture businesses utilising their sustainable tyre products. On the back of this successful phase that has kicked off in Sri Lanka, GRI hopes to roll out the initiative across their global markets and continue working proactively with customers to action similar programs within their own countries.

The future is green, and your present can be too

With service agencies in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne as well as a comprehensive network of regional partnerships, GRI’s product range is widely accessible Australia-wide. Sustainability aside, they understand the diverse conditions that the harsh Australian environment has to offer and whether it be drought, fire, flood, heat, or something unexpected, a set of GRI tyres will provide you with a durable performance that you can rely on both now, and into the future.

You can learn more about GRI Tires and find your nearest agency here.


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