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Protect your projects and people, and eliminate defects, with Honcho Supplies’ engineered surface protection.

Are you searching for a safe, easy, and affordable way to protect surfaces on your next worksite? Then consider Honcho’s wide range of innovative temporary surface protection products that not only protect surfaces, but also your business’s reputation.

Honcho was established in Australia in 2020 after its founders identified a unique opportunity to provide purpose built temporary surface protection solutions for the construction sector. This led to the distribution of a range of peel-able coatings, synthetic boards, safety mats and walkways that are now used on construction sites across Australia.

Commercial Grade Surface Protection Products

Honcho offers a range of durable, fire retardant, anti-microbial, water resistant and non-slip products to protect your commercial, civil or residential construction sites from spills, stains, cracks, rust and general damage.

Specialty Concrete Protection - HT Commercial System
The HT Commercial System is the perfect protection solution for large-scale commercial projects. Featuring a two-layer protection system, this solution creates a non-slip barrier which can either be loose laid, or temporarily adhered to work surfaces including:          

  • polished concrete
  • raw concrete
  • marble
  • granite
  • sealed hardwoods, and more.

Protect your surfaces from machinery damage, spills, water (causing mould and bacteria), rust, paint, debris and dirt with the HT Commercial System.

Temporary Adhesive Mats - Construction Tack-Mats

For indoor projects, Honcho offers slip-resistant Construction Tack-Mats that are easy to apply. With the unique self-stick surface, simply peel off the backing paper and apply to sensitive surfaces including marble, sheet vinyl, laminated flooring, engineered hardwood floors, porcelain / ceramic tiles, epoxy, metals and even glass. These stain-proof Tack-Mats are versatile and can fit vertically and horizontally in most confined spaces like stairs, door jams, countertops, windows and cabinets. This one-step temporary surface protection method can last up to 12 months and protects from UV rays, paints, oils and harsh chemicals.

Safety Walkway Mats - Boss Mats

Honcho’s ‘high visibility’ safety & pedestrian walkways are used to create a safe, slip-resistant walk-way on your construction site. These durable mats are placed in high foot traffic zones onsite where the ground is uneven like on gravel, rocks, mud and even snow. Featuring a free-draining structure, the mats allow for dirt, soil and water to pass through easily, making the material incredibly slip-resistant in all weather conditions.

Impact Protection Boards - Chief Board HD

The Chief Board-HD is a heavy-duty, synthetic board that can be used internally or externally to protect flooring from heavy machinery like forklifts and general construction traffic. This board is flame retardant, water-resistant and offers high compression strength.

By spreading the weight of machinery and materials across its surface, this synthetic board can protect floors from cracking, chipping and scratching. Chief Board HD is suitable for underwork stations including pipe cutting, painting and finish carpentry and is also available with a fabric back to protect more delicate surfaces such as tile, hardwood, stone, marble and more.

Glass Advanced

For a temporary window and glass protectant that works against construction site spills and splatters, consider Honcho’s Glass Advanced. This easy spray solution works for up to 12 months, protecting delicate surfaces from cement and paint splatters as well as welding and grinding sparks. Glass Advanced is fire resistant and can be used on glass, windows, panels, metals (aluminium, stainless steel), balustrades and cladding. With a simple spray or paint-on application and easy peel-off removal, protecting your glass just became even easier!

Carpet Cover

Carpet Cover offers the ultimate stain protection solution for construction and renovation projects. This durable, commercial-grade protection layer can be used for interior applications on carpeted stairs, foyers, hallways and more. Carpet Cover protects carpets for up to three months from oil and paint spills, as well as debris from foot traffic. With an easy peel and stick application, this strong protective layer is resistant to tearing and ripping, will not move out of place and is easy to adjust if needed. Carpet Cover also does not leave a sticky residue, so once the job is complete, simply remove the protective layer and you are good to go.

Protect more than just surfaces – protect your business with Honcho

1. Protect Your Margins and Reputation

When working on a busy construction site, the risk of creating project defects by damaging flooring, walls or windows is high. Heavy machinery can chip concrete floors, paint can stain carpets and unpredicted weather can cause mould. Once the damage has occurred, fixing or cleaning costs are added to your expenses, meaning more money leaving your pocket – and increasing chances of client dissatisfaction and loss of repeat business. Protect your reputation and prevent extra costs from arising with Honcho’s cost-effective, preventative temporary surface protectant solution.

2. Remove Downtime and Save Money

Choosing a Honcho solution means choosing a surface protectant solution that will work every time – saving you money and time and increasing your business’s efficiencies. Honcho products last between three and 12 months, depending on the product, and are designed to be used across multiple worksites, eliminating the pre-project purchasing and installation of single use Masonite, plywood, MDF, corflute and plastic sheeting.

3. Increase Site Safety and Reduce Union Risks

Honcho’s temporary surface protection products offer a range of safety benefits which reduce the likelihood of on-site incidents. Using durable, fire-retardant and slip-resistant materials, Honcho’s products reduce the chances of workers falling, tripping and dropping materials onsite. The result is a safer, more efficient worksite with reduced exposure to WorkCover claims and union risks.

The Surface Protection specialists you can trust

Honcho Supplies aims to be the global leader in specialist temporary surface protection systems and is always looking for more opportunities to create simple, innovative solutions to make the lives of construction workers easier and safer.

There is a Honcho outlet or distributor near you

Honcho is an Australian based company, and a leading supplier of temporary surface protection products for project sites across the country. With outlets in nearly every state, you can speak with a Honcho representative today to help you determine the right surface protection product for your construction environment.

Protect your surfaces and your business with a simple solution from Honcho today.

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