How-to Use Linkedin to Find New Leads for Your Plant Hire Business.

How-to Use Linkedin to Find New Leads for Your Plant Hire Business.

We show you how to use LinkedIn to prospect and meet new potential leads for your plant hire company.

This video is part of a three part series on how to use LinkedIn to promote your plant hire company. In this video we will show you how to search LinkedIn’s enormous database of professionals to find project managers, supervisors and plant procurement managers who you can promote your business to, and who may ultimately turn into customers for your plant hire business.

This video gives you a complete step-by-step guide on using LinkedIn to prospect new leads for your plant hire company:

  • Upgrading your membership on LinkedIn
  • Running searches to find new customers.
  • Targeting a particular company in your local area
  • Targeting high quality plant users regardless of company
  • Prospecting don’ts on LinkedIn.

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Part 3: Using Linkedin to prospect and meet leads for a plant hire company

This video is part of a three-part series on how to use Linkedin to promote your plant hire company. In this video we will discuss how to search Linkedin’s enormous database of people to find project managers, supervisors, plant procurement managers and other professionals that you can promote your business to, and who may ultimately turn into customers of your plant hire business.

There are some very consistent dos and don'ts of prospecting through Linkedin – so if you follow our guide and easy steps, then you should stay out of trouble.

<Title Slide> Upgrading your membership on Linkedin

<Sally on camera> Membership to Linkedin on a basic profile is free. However, there are significant benefits to upgrade to Premium Memberships on Linkedin if you are committed to using the tool to its full advantage.

On the basic package – it is hard to run comprehensive searches looking for certain people in certain roles or businesses and you can only get so far before Linkedin withholds the information.  So today I’ll talk about running searches using a ‘Premium Membership’ package – and perhaps after watching the video you may see some merit in Upgrading.

When you upgrade – I recommend a package called ‘For Sales Professionals’ – as this allows the best outcomes for prospecting and searching Linkedin to find new customers. You can also upgrade your membership for a month, explore it, and cancel anytime if you are not getting use out of it.

To upgrade your membership:

  • Click on your picture at the top right-hand corner of your profile page
  • Slide down to the second point – account. Click ‘Manage’
  • Follow the prompts to select the membership package right for you. What you are most interested in is
    • The number of ‘Inmails you can send’ – these are private unsolicited emails to people you aren’t connected with and help make good introductions to people you’re not connected to
    • Degree of Network access – you want to be able to view people who are in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd-degree network (or 1-3 degrees removed from you in terms of connections)
    • Out-of-network access – being able to view profiles and search for people that aren’t connect to you
  • We recommend starting out on a lower level plan to start with, then seeing how much you are using the tool before you upgrade to an expensive plan.

<Title Slide> Running Searches to find new customers.

<Sally on camera> Now once you’ve upgraded your membership, you can run a set of detailed searches on Linkedin to find the people you are looking for. On the following demonstration – we are using a full ‘Premium’ membership which gives you complete access to everything. So depending on your level of membership, you may see different things – however, the same principles apply.

<Title Slide> Search 1: Targeting a particular company in your local area

<screenshot with Voiceover> Say you want to target a particular construction company and in this example, we’ll use ‘Lend Lease’ and you want to find all the people responsible for making decisions about plant procurement at Lend Lease in your local area, and in this example we’ll use Brisbane.

  1. Go to the top of Linkedin page and hit the little grey icon next to the text bar
  2. From the drop down, select ‘Companies’ – you are now running a company search
  3. Type in Lend Lease
  4. Click on the company page that comes up at the top of the results
  5. Once on the company page, on the right, click on ‘See All’ under the listing of employees on Linkedin
  6. Now you have a page of all the employees listed on Linkedin for Lend Lease
  7. On the left-hand side, you will see a refinements panel, allowing you to refine this search.
  8. Under location, click +Add, and Type Brisbane. The search results will re-calibrate and show you only Brisbane based employees.
  9. Under Current Company, click only Lend Lease. The search results will now re-calibrate to show you only Brisbane current employees of Lend Lease.
  10. The scroll down to ‘Function’ and expand this open. As I said, you may only see this if you have a Premium Membership
  11. Under Function – click only ‘Operations’ and ‘Engineering’
  12. Now you should have a refined search of all the people who currently work for Lease in operations, engineering.
  13. Scroll through the list and read each person’s job title. For those people who sound like they might be the right contact - have a look at their profile – particularly their current job history. Often project managers who have been sent to a particular project highlight this on their profile and promote it. You can often find out exactly what project they are managing.
  14. To run this search again and save it, go to the top right hand corner of the search results and hit ‘Save Search’, label the search ‘Lend Lease Plant Procurement’ – and it will be saved under your saved searches and you can return to it later.

<Sally on camera> When you think you’ve found the right person, call the switch and ask confidently to be put through to them. Most of the time, in operations or engineering roles, the switchboard will put you straight through to their mobile.

Introduce yourself to the prospect, telling them that you came across them on Linkedin and request 20 mins for a meeting or if you can send them some information. Try to get their contact details directly and begin the communication process directly with them off Linkedin. After the conversation, request a connection on Linkedin.

<Title Slide> Search 2: Targeting high-quality plant users regardless of company

<Screenshot with Voiceover> You can run broader searches for people who use plant, then target them based on their role, introducing you to a number of new businesses.  Say you are looking for all the ‘plant procurement’ managers in Northern Territory.

  1. Go to the search bar at the top of the page.
  2. On the grey icon – select the people icon from the dropdown
  3. Type in ‘Plant Procurement’ and hit return to search
  4. A set of search results will come up
  5. Go to the refinements panel on the left-hand side
  6. Under locations, click +Add and enter ‘Northern Territory’ the click the drop down
  7. Here is a complete list of people with ‘plant procurement’ in their title or profile – scroll through.
  8. To further refine - Under Current Company – select the ones in construction and exclude the ones not related to construction or mining. Click + Add and enter some names of companies you want to target
  9. To run this search again and save it, go to the top right hand corner of the search results and hit ‘Save Search’, label the search ‘Procurement Managers NT’ – and it will be saved under your saved searches and you can return to it later.
  10. Read each persons profile detail and have a look at what projects they are working on. Again – repeat steps above to reach out to them over the phone, then come back to Linkedin and request connection. This is the best way to get a solid result.

<Title Slide> Prospecting Don’ts on Linkedin.

<Sally on Camera> Just a few tricks of the trade when prospecting on Linkedin.

  • Don’t send them inMails as the first point of contact – they are expensive and don’t work
  • Don’t send them mails to their corporate accounts spamming them. When you know the email lexicon of a company, you could probably guess at someone’s email address. But this should never be the first point of contact and is ineffective if you are trying to strike up a relationship
  • Don’t request a connection until you’ve made a point of contact
  • If you get a voicemail when contacting them – say you are going to send them some information and follow up with an email.

So this concludes our section on creating a Company profile on Linkedin for you or your plant hire business. If you need more help, Linkedin has comprehensive online help resources.

Otherwise – if you want to maximise your digital opportunities and leverage our expertise in using Linkedin to promote plant hire businesses, register on iSeekplant for free today and try our service out for free.

<end transcript>

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