How Versatile is a Telehandler?


With the various attachments, additions, sizes and models of telehandlers that are available, understanding which telehandler you need for a project to succeed can be difficult. This blog will ensure that you select the correct telehandler hire for the job required, with costs staying down and efficiency increasing.

Which telehandler attachment should I use?

Before selecting which telehandler attachment is the correct one for your job, you should first analyse the job site and understand the functionality that you want your telehandler to have. With over 40 different attachments, knowing which is best for your telehandler job is crucial to ensuring your project is both time and cost effective. You’ll find that telehandler attachments are similar to forklifts and cranes, and it all comes down to which machine and attachment will work best for your site.

What is a hi-rail telehandler?

A hi-rail telehandler is a telehandler that can operate on both conventional roads as well as railways. These telehandlers come standard with their conventional rubber tires, but can also be fitted with flanged steel wheels to run on rails. The purpose of the hi-rail telehandler conversion is to complete work on railways in areas that normal wheeled telehandlers cannot access.

What is a fork attachment?

A fork attachment is the most commonly used attachment for a telehandler. This essentially modifies a telehandler into a machine capable of lifting various loads of heavy equipment such as:

  • Steel bars
  • Timber
  • Concrete blocks
  • Pallets
  • Packaged goods
  • Industrial pipes

Fork attachments are very diverse as they can be tailored to suit the size and materials you are currently using. These fork attachments are:

  • Pallet fork – designed to pick up and move palletised materials
  • Tilting carriage – make delivering materials on hills or roofs easier
  • Adjustable carriage – allows adjustment of fork width
  • Side-shift carriage– can shift the carriage left or right with ease


What is an auger attachment?

A telehandler auger attachment can be used to drill small holes for irrigation purposes or larger holes for telegraph poles. In order use the right auger attachment, take into consideration the drill head, drive unit and swing control coupling will enable you to hire the right attachment. In conjunction, the size and teeth also need to be considered as the size needs to match the telehandlers hydraulic pressure and the teeth need to be suited to the ground type.

What does a telehandler elevated work platform attachment do?

Elevated work platforms (EWP’s) are an attachment that enables people and equipment to be elevated and lowered in order to complete tasks. These EWP’s are generally utilised for temporary use in the case of powerline maintenance, firefighter emergency access or construction work. They are only designed to hold a limited amount of weight – usually less than a tonne, however, there are some models that have a higher working load.

What does the hydraulic winch telehandler attachment do?

Rather than hiring a crane for heavy lifting needs, a winch attachment for your telehandler will complete the task just as easily. The winch attachment can have an adjusted length to ensure the best accuracy possible for the task. Safety features are an important factor of the winch attachment, which includes a limit sensor for movement up and down as well as a swivel self-locking hook. The winch is ideal for tight workspaces and doesn’t result in the use of other equipment, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

What is a bucket attachment?

The bucket attachment a purpose-designed piece of equipment to transport any loose materials you may have on your worksite. There are various bucket sizes to accommodate for any materials that may need transportation. Larger buckets are commonly utilised for lighter materials, while general purpose buckets – usually standard on telehandlers, excel in digging up dry soil. A multipurpose bucket takes inspiration from dozing, back blading and digging and can be used for these purposes if you often switch between environments or attachments. Some buckets are also issued with grapples, which can secure materials wider than the bucket width.

Where can I find the best telehandler attachments?

If you need a particular job completed with a telehandler, you can assume there are attachment options available. If you're looking for more information on which telehandler attachment is best suited for your job, contact the iSeekplant team or use our Get a Quote tool. We have telehandler hire suppliers located across Australia in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, CanberraDarwin and rural areas.


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