iSeekplant does not exhibit at construction industry expos and events and here’s the first reason why

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iSeekplant refuses to exhibit at construction industry expos and events for a number of reasons. The bottom line is the costs just don’t add up! We’ve spent years crunching the costs of digital marketing and can tell you right now, if you’re exhibiting, you’re getting ripped off. Here’s our first reason why.

They’re just way too expensive as a marketing medium (compared to any other marketing medium)

When I sit in the offices of my customers and talk about their marketing budgets, I’m always blown away by ongoing budget line-items for industry events totalling many thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s like everyone in the construction and mining industries shrugged their shoulders 20 years ago and just accepted this was a cost of doing business (when it’s actually not, and doesn’t have to be).

Below is a cost comparison of average stand and exhibition expenses for these shows – just in cold, hard cash.

So, if you are a larger business and exhibit at the 7 industry events per year that a lot of our customers attend, you are going to spend between $160,000 - $200,000 of your hard-earned dineros exhibiting at these shows. You better be damn sure they work for you. Ask yourself now, are you sure?

Here’s a list of traditional marketing activities with way more reach you could undertake for you business that would be more effective (not including digital marketing)

  • Business Development Staff taking 3 meetings per day for 250 work days (1,500 customer interactions) plus on costs for a year
  • Television advertising, on sports channels, in metro areas for 6 months
  • Metro Radio Advertising, on Triple M during the day when clients are in their work utes, everyday for 1 year
  • Skywriting over WestConnex job site in Sydney every day for the length of the job

iSeekplant Does Not Exhibit at Construction Expos and Events. And here's why

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