iSeekplant does not exhibit at construction industry expos and events and here’s the third reason why

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If you think a busy, money making excavator operator has time to travel to a capital city and attend an event and then also purchase a machine there and then, you're dreaming. It's just another reason why iSeekplant refuses to attend construction industry events and expos.

You're getting crap quality leads because the wrong people show up

Whilst I’ve never paid to exhibit at one of these events, in the very distant past I used to drop into them on a free pass and crop-dust the joint with my business cards.

You don’t want to see me at an event, I’m just one of those gravy-stainers that I was talking about – I don’t have any money and I’m there with the express purpose of building my business, not buying from yours. That’s not why you go. You go for the decision makers, the people who make purchasing decisions for construction events. Not the business card crop dusters like me, or the competitive sticky-beaks, rubber necking at your booth and rolling their eyes as they walk past.

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And that’s not to mention all the show-bag grabbers and middle management mushrooms walking the show floor in matching polyester branded t-shirts. Every one of them, $300. Absolutely none of them has a commercial brass razoo to rub together, yet you are paying them $300 to walk past your stand and ‘see’ you at the event.

What self-respecting, legitimately busy, nose-to-the-grindstone construction manager is going to leave his site to shower, change and head out to some outskirts suburb to walk the isles of a construction expo? You can virtually exclude anyone currently working on a site, because they can’t leave their site.

So if the real coal face purchasers of construction services aren’t attending, then is it the estimators? The local council guys? The guys that ask you for prices endlessly for their tenders? Or is it the central procurement managers, the ones compiling preferred supplier panels? Have you EVER met any of these guys at an event?

iSeekplant Does Not Exhibit at Construction Expos and Events. And here's why

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