It's Time to Say Thank You! #winning

It’s Time to Say Thank You! #winning

Last week, we had our best week ever across most of our main user metrics.

"Stop talking computers you massive four-eyes and tell me what that means for me, you scream!!!"

Well, firstly - we had over 30,000 unique visitors checking out iSeekplant in ONE WEEK!

So that means that everyone on our site - all our members and all our advertisers put their companies in front of 30,000 eyeballs from the construction and mining industries.

Then, one of the articles we posted on the blog reached 370,000 people on social media and was liked or shared nearly 3,000 times. That means that 370,000 Australian's with some relationship to the mining and construction industry saw our name, and 3,000 of those thought our stuff was awesome enough to share with their mates. 1,500 of those decided to like our page and follow more of our updates.

We doubled our weekly record for registrations, taking 190 new registrations of plant hire companies from all over Australia, keen to get amongst the action on our site. That means simply - if you were not one of them, then you might be getting overtaken by your competitors.

Searches for equipment, and subsequent hires, were up nearly 20% - which is a huge boon for the hire companies that are already part of the iSeekplant family. That means - more machines out of hire, more tender activity, more phones getting called, more new customers being met by our plant hire companies.

Without you, our users, project managers, hire companies, owner operators and Facebook fans, we would never have been able to achieve this epic week. So here is a big THANK YOU from our iSeekplant family to all the legends who think iSeekplant is the duck's nuts.

How are we doing it? Well - we've got so much going on here at iSeekplant at the moment, we've got new partnerships to tell you about that will CHANGE THE GAME for online plant hire. This is just the beginning of what is set to be an EPIC couple of years for everyone in the iSeekplant family.

Moving forward, we're going to keep doubling our visitors, our registrations, and the jobs secured through our site. It's a win-win for everyone involved, and here at iSeekplant, we're all about #winning.

Get on board!

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