The Keys to a Plant Hire Kingdom


My name is Steveo, from Steveo’s Plant Hire. I’m sure you’ve heard of us, we’re the blokes who have got contracts with all the big players, CBB, CPB, CPC, CCC, etc etc etc. But it took a lot of hard work to get here, in fact, I started as the apprentice for a little company called DWM. I heard recently that DWM was struggling, Darryl the owner had even started using his old franna as an uber.

So I invited him over to my yard to see if I could help him out, send some extra work his way. While he was here we got to reminiscing and I was able to look back on all the advice I’d been given that got me this far. And let me tell you, most of it was absolutely bloody useless! Except for one absolute pearler, which I’ll pass onto you.

Now let me preface this by saying this advice was given to me way back in the wild west days of the plant hire industry, all the way back in 2012! Things have changed since then, these days we’re a lot more ethical.

Anyway, back to me stories. So for starters, Darryl made out to everyone that he had a fleet of six graders, all different sizes. But in reality, he just had the one! I can’t even remember anymore what the actual size of the blade on it was, but what he would get me to do is cover over the size number with a couple of stickers to make it show whatever size the client needed. And back in those days I wasn’t too good at counting (or reading) so it could be a real struggle getting those stickers right. We almost got ourselves into a few prickly situations because of that.

Darryl’s penchant though was once he’d won a job, he’d absolutely terrorise the engineers on site. One of his favourite’s was to crumple up the day docket and dip it in a meat pie to get it to “optimum unlegibility” as he put it. He liked to tell me that the engineers loved it and that it was like a sudoku for em.

And if it was really hot his absolute favourite was to find any engineer who was unfortunate enough to leave his car unlocked on site, jump in, turn the aircon to full heat and remove the adjustment knobs. I still remember sitting there while he cackled “hehehehehe GOT IM” as an engineer dripping in sweat would get out of their car.

But for all his useless advice, Darryl gave me one absolute pearler. It’s the one tip that I’ve used time and time again to build my business to be one of the biggest in the industry. Darryl told me if I ever needed to get some financial advice to go and speak to the team at Finlease. That’s a business card I’ve held onto for all these years! And time after time they’ve looked after me. I’ve spoken to banks, but hands down, Finlease beats em everytime.

So anyway, that’s the advice I’ve passed on to my apprentices, and it’s the advice I’ll give to you as well. If you want to talk finance, give Finlease a call, they’ll look after you every time.

You can give them a call on 1800 358 658 or click here to check out their website.


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