$100 Million Down the Drain in WA Infrastructure, Could $1.2 Billion Be Lost as Well?


I don’t want to be Australian anymore.

Get me off this damn island, the idiots have taken over.

Mark “The Western Galah” McGowan, previously deserving recipient of the 'Muppet of the Month' award, has recently been elected to power in the State Government of Western Australia, with the promise of scrapping Roe 8 – and the Perth Freight Link project ‘at any cost’ – amid claims that the state, which is beleaguered by poor economic conditions, could end up paying as much as $100 million to NOT build the road. Oh my freaking God. I can’t even deal.

This thumb-with-eyes remains confident that the estimates for cancelling the $450 million project won’t exceed 25% of the original cost of the project. Well done champ. You’ve effectively spent a QUARTER of the project cost for no project.


He reckons that the government has been given a ‘clear mandate’ to scrap the project EXCEPT they haven’t been. Not at all. In polling at the end of last year, it was clear that a majority of sand gropers (WA residents) supported the project. It remains unclear how many residents support spending $100 million on jack all, as we believe no polling company has been game to ask any Western Australian for fear of the resulting spray they will surely receive.

And just to rub salt into the wounds, McGowan has struck to the WA infrastructure industry it now appears that there is a very real possibility of WA losing the $1.2 billion that had been allocated by the Federal Government to the wider Perth Freight Link project. McGowan’s Labor want to reallocate the funds to new congestion easing projects including;

  • The Armadale Road Dual Carriageway ($145 million).
  • The Armadale Road Bridge ($166 million).
  • Two new overpasses on Wanneroo Road ($95 million).
  • And creating a task force to plan longer term freight and trade policy ($20 million).

Now, I’m not sure readers are following the above infrastructure funding allocation but it is certain Mark “The Dolt of Fremantle” McGowan isn’t. The funding allocations above tally up to $426 million (if you include the $100 million cost of breaking contract this comes to $526 million), a mere fraction of the $1.2 billion the Federal Government promised to inject into the WA economy. Based on his current actions I’m more than happy to offer McGowan his next campaign slogan,

WA infrastructure spending

To further throw a spanner into the daydreams of McGowan is that the Labor Government can’t simply reallocate the funds. A spokesman for Federal Urban Infrastructure Minister, Paul Fletcher is on the record saying the funding was “specific to the project and could not “simply be re-allocated”. Meaning McGowan's re-allocation plan will be about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

How is it possible that I share the same passport as this guy? Did we both really grow up on Vegemite and cricket?

Clearly the time has come, I’m handing in my passport, taking my dinghy to Cottesloe Beach and asking to be set adrift.

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Sources: AFR, Fairfax Media.

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