NGP now the Great Northern Gas Pipeline After Carlton & United Wins Naming Rights


Carlton & United Breweries has made a massive marketing acquisition by purchasing the naming rights to the Northern Gas Pipeline.

In what is thought to be the first deal of its kind, Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) has secured the naming rights to a major piece of Australian energy infrastructure for an undisclosed sum.

A CUB spokesperson has released a comment about the historic partnership, “Well there were some obvious synergies between our Great Northern Lager and the Northern Gas Pipeline. One, you pay by the word (just like in the classifieds) so the fact we only needed to whack one word on the front made it really affordable. And secondly, pipeline workers fit our target demographic perfectly, after a 12-hour shift in the middle of the NT they’re pretty much willing to drink anything, even a Great Northern.”

The deal was struck between the GNGP owner Jemena and CUB after a long negotiation process in which Jemena needed to shoot down some of CUB’s more outlandish requests, including a request to “tape some PVC to the side of the pipeline and send Great Northern the other way.”

It is yet to be seen if any other major pieces of infrastructure will strike a similar deal with brands, though we’ll be sure to bring you any updates.

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