Jemena to Retender the $800 million Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP)


The Northern Gas Pipeline is one of the most significant projects currently underway in Australia's northern states.

Jemena was selected by the Northern Territory Government to build, own and operate the NGP. The 12 inch pipeline will run 622 km from Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory to Mt Isa in Queensland. The project is expected to create around 560 construction jobs.

Recently, Jemena resequenced the timeline of construction which was expected to begin in April.

Originally, McConnell Dowell had been selected to construct the NGP, however, a Jemena spokesperson has confirmed that arrangement has been ended, stating,

“the resequencing of the pipelines construction resulted in Jemena amending its arrangements with its construction partner McConnell Dowell and will be retendering aspects of the project.”


Jenema’s decision has practically removed McConnell Dowell from the NGP project, though they will have the opportunity to submit a new tender.

A shortlist has been selected for the final 142 km section of the project, which is made up of; Nacap; Lucas / Zinfra JV; Mitchell Water / Clough JV; and Spiecapag. No shortlist has been selected for the construction of the other 480 km of the project and it is understood this will be an open tender.

There will be a massive opportunity on the NGP for Plant Hire, if you have any machines to hire out click here to register an account with

There will be a massive opportunity on the NGP for Plant Hire, if you have any machines to hire out click here.

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Source: Jemena, The Australian Pipeliner, News Corp

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