Clive Palmer, Making Unnecessary Power Stations Great Again?


Image: Make Clive Great

OPINION: Clive Palmer emerged from his dinosaur cave in the side of Mount Coolum this week to deliver some big news… big news that no one seemed to believe. 

Quite apart from wasting perfectly good billboards across the East Coast with giant yellow signs screaming ‘Make Australia Great’, Clive’s latest commercial "epiphany" is nothing but a bungled attempt to get back in the good graces of his burned constituency.

His proposed $1.54b power station idea has already been deemed unnecessary by the Palaszczuk Government. But Clive literally doesn’t care how transparent the idea is, as long as it gets him back in front of a microphone. Clive loves playing to the very small base of Queenslanders who are ill-informed and easily manipulated - because everyone else knows that one extra mammoth power plant won’t drop electricity prices.

Queenslanders, myself included, won’t forget all the false-promises that he has been involved with over the years. From the mismanagement of Queensland Nickel to his antics with Chinese mining backers, along with suspicious claims of illness to get out of court and more, it has become very hard to take Clive Palmer at face value. Let's also not forget his promised high-thrills Jurassic Park on the Sunshine Coast, where all we got was a pile of decrepit dinosaur models on an old, abandoned golf course.


An open-cut mine worth of marketing won’t sway the public as easily as Clive seems to think, his low-budget, high visibility marketing campaign is a very mediocre attempt to replicate the angry nationalism of Trump in the USA. Problem is, Australians aren’t as angry as Americans are right now, nor as disenfranchised, probably less gullible and infinitely more lazy and apathetic about politics. He’s got a steep hill to climb to fashion himself into Australia’s Donald Trump - even if Clive and Donald have the same stinky air about them both.

Clive has boasted that his announcement is an example of him putting his money where his mouth is… but many are asking why now? Why didn’t Clive put his money where his mouth was back then when Nickel was going under?

As he made his big fake announcement on Tuesday, now clearly far-removed from his court-induced health woes of last year, Clive resembled more of an aged Augustus Gloop swapping out Wonka Bars for Tim Tams than a believable politician.

While I am still somewhat eager to see this project go ahead for the 1090 jobs that it might create, myself and many others are rightfully sceptical of Clive’s latest nugget of media excrement. The last election failed to flush Clive Palmer out of our news feeds, but I’m hoping that we all keep pressing the unsubscribe button until we get rid of this floater.

I’ll keep reporting on the project’s development for our regular news offering in an unbiased manner, but I reserve the right to let rip every now and again.

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