Perth Water Security - Latest News and Updates

Town and city water security

Priority Status: High Priority Initiative

State: WA

City: Perth

Suburbs Affected: Perth

Perth Water Security Construction Details

With an end goal of securing potable water that is not dependent upon climate, the initiative focuses on water sourcing and the management of water-demand. This might include a combination of more traditional water supplies, coupled with innovative methods of recovering and reusing water. Infrastructure Australia have also outlined a Town and city water security initiative (also listed as "High Priority") which complements the Perth project.

Perth Water security Jobs & Community Plan

A decline in the reliability and quality of Perth's water, coupled with increasing water bills for residents, are some of the potential fallouts facing the city if the current water situation is not addressed. Factors contributing to the situation are as follows:

  • population growth
  • climate change
  • changing demands and usage patterns
  • ageing infrastructure

Perth currently utilises water from a number of sources, including groundwater, desalinated seawater, surface water and recycled water. These sources service an area which includes the Perth metro area and the Goldfields and Agricultural Water Supply zone. This equates to a population over 2.3 million people. Prior to 1975, Perth water stockpiles received streamflow of 420 gigalitres (GL) per annum on average. Since 1975, this has decreased to an annual average of 184 GL. Of particular concern is that of 2015, when the streamflow represented only 4% of the pre-1975 volume at a very low 16 GL.

Perth Water security Upgrade Timeline

Perth Water security - Timeframe: 0-5 years.


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