$7.4 Billion & 4105 Jobs are in the Pipeline for Renewable Energy Projects

Pipeline for Renewable Energy Projects

There is a record $7.4 billion in new renewable energy projects in the pipeline as private firms rush to cash in on an undersupply of energy to Australia’s east coast.

Energy prices are expected to rise 20% a year from July in NSW, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia. As a result, both businesses and households have been crying for a boost in energy production to lower the burden of energy prices.

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The Clean Energy Council has completed a report on the projects will begin construction in 2017, below is an overview of what’s in the pipeline for each state.

New South Wales

$2.1 Billion Investment
1170 New Jobs
1017 Megawatts
Key Projects-

  • White Rock Stage 1 ($400m Wind Energy Project, 300 Jobs, Developer- Goldwind Australia)
  • Silverton Wind Farm ($460m Wind Energy Project, 150 Jobs, Developer- Powering Australia Renewables Fund)
  • Sapphire ($588m Wind Energy Project, 200 Jobs, Developer- Partners Group / CWP Renewables)
  • Crookwell 2 ($200m Wind Project, 80 Jobs, Developer- Union Fenosa)
  • Bodangora Wind Farm ($236m Wind Project, 120 Jobs, Developer- Infigen Energy)



$1.7 Billion Investment
1300 Jobs
783 Megawatts
Key Projects

  • Mt Emerald ($380m Project Wind Project, 150 Jobs, Developer- RATCH)
  • Sunshine Coast Solar Farm ($50m Solar Project, 60 Jobs, Developer- Sunshine Coast Council)
  • Lakeland Solar and Storage ($42.5m Solar Project, 60 Jobs, Developer- Lakeland Solar and Storage)
  • Lilyvale Solar Farm ($400m Solar Project, 200 Jobs, Developer- Fotowatio Renewable Ventures)
  • Ross River Solar Farm ($225m Solar Project, 150 Jobs, Developer- ESCO Pacific)
  • Clare Solar Farm ($190m Solar Project, 200 Jobs, Developer- Fotowatio Renewable Ventures)
  • Sun Metals Solar Farm ($155m Solar Project, 250 Jobs, Developer- Sun Metals P/L)
  • Kidston Solar Farm ($126m Solar Farm, 100 Jobs, Developer- Genex)
  • Kennedy Energy Park ($120m Wind and Solar Project, 50 Jobs, Developer- Windlab)



$1.3 Billion Investment
535 Jobs
685 Megawatts
Key Projects

  • Ararat ($450m Wind Project, 165 Jobs, Developer- RES)
  • Yatpool, Iraak, Wemen ($500m Solar Project, 200 Jobs, Developer- Overland Sun Farming)
  • Mt Gelibrand Stage 1 ($140m Wind Project, 100 Jobs, Developer- ACCIONA)
  • Yaloak South ($130m Wind Project, Developer- Pacific Hydro)
  • Kiata ($75m Wind Project, 70 Jobs, Developer- Windlab)


South Australia

$1.7 Billion Investment
620 Jobs
644 Megawatts
Key Projects

  • Hornsdale Stage 2 & 3 ($800m Wind Project, 150 Jobs, Developer- Neoen / Megawatt Capital)
  • Tailem Bend ($200m Solar Project, 200 Jobs, Developer- Snowy Hydro)
  • Riverland Solar Farm ($700m Solar Project, 270 Jobs, Developer- Lyon Group)
  • Coober Pedy ($37m Wind and Solar Project, Developer- EDL)


Western Australia

$50 Million Investment
100 Jobs
20 Megawatts
Key Projects

  • Emu Downs ($50m Solar Project, 100 Jobs, Developer- APA)


Clean Energy Australia have put together this handy infographic detailing this info;

Renewable Energy Infographic

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Source: Clean Energy Council

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