The problems with expos #4 - Big purchase decisions aren't made in a day

problems with construction expos

When was the last time you went anywhere and, with any real research or time to think, spent $25,000 on a machine?! Again this is why iSeekplant refuses to exhibit at construction industry expos and events.

Big purchase decisions aren’t made at expos

Today’s business buyers now prefer independent online research to any other method of purchasing – 68% prefer self-directed research online, and 60% have admitted to hating talking to sales reps. This is now the order in which people value the contributors to the business procurement process.

  • #1 Most Influential: Peer recommendations (reviews)
  • #2 Most Influential: Analysts & thought leaders (online)
  • #3 Most Influential: Business community forums
  • #4 Most Influential: Industry publications
  • #5 Most Influential: Salesperson

Events are no where in the mix... read more about how big ticket decisions are never made at industry events in the complete eBook here.

iSeekplant Does Not Exhibit at Construction Expos and Events. And here's why

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