The problems with expos #7 - Two words, Promo Girls

problems in construction expos

Using promo girls to sell your products is backwards and lazy, if you can't make a sale without them what are you doing in sales?

Promo Girls

Promo girls are my kryptonite. Actually, no, most of them are good women who are making a living any way they can and shouldn’t be judged for that. People who hire promo girls are my kryptonite. If you still exhibit at industry events, and STILL hire promo girls, then I recommend you continue to waste your money unabated, because you are an idiot. Selling construction supply goods and services using female sexuality is lazy, dumb and doesn’t work. If anyone buys from you, because a broke university student engaged in a paid 10 minute conversation with them on an exhibition stand, then they are dumber than you are. The promo girl was the smart one, because she fleeced you both. I don’t care who this offends – because women cannot advance in construction until this type of stuff stops.

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iSeekplant Does Not Exhibit at Construction Expos and Events. And here's why

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