Road base cost guide: How much does road base cost?

Road base refers to the upper-most layer of rock or gravel in a pavement. It can be made from recycled concrete or other crushed aggregates. You can purchase road base in different quantities typically starting as low as a 20kg bag that goes around $8 in Queensland but could be a little more expensive in other states.

What is the average cost of road base?

Since road base is available in packs, the price usually depends on the size of the product. You might be able to save money if you buy bulk products. Here's a small breakdown of costs:

1 Tonne

1T of quarried road base will cost you about $65. It is usually black to blue in colour and sized at around 20 mm down to dust. It contains not just crushed rock particles but also blue metal gravel. Commercial providers or residential owners working on big projects usually order such large bags.

3/4 Tonne

This is considered a large pack and it will cost you about $50.75 for ¾ tonnes. You might, however, have to pay extra for delivery since large supply bags can be hard to deliver.

1/2 Tonne

A 1/2 tonne of road base will cost you about $35. This is a mid-level bag and a large number of customers order this one making it a popular choice among landscape enthusiasts.

1/4 Tonne

Expect to pay about $20.25 for a 1/4 tonne of road base. You can buy this to create paths, correct defective roads, improve your garden or driveways, or work on a commercial site. This is considered a small bag and most people who choose this in Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast usually ask for bulk delivery.

20kg bag

This is usually the smallest bag and it will cost you about $8. Big sellers usually have a minimum order limit on these bags or very high delivery charges to deliver these.

Factors that influence road base prices

Here is some more information provided on factors that influence the cost of road base for paving roads:

Project size

This is the most important factor since the number of orders will depend on the size of a project. If it is a big construction job then you will probably order large bags in bulk. On the other hand, if it's a small landscape job then you will not need to order in bulk. It is important that you fully understand the quantity you will need to complete the project so there is no issue on the delivery day.

Type of aggregate material

There are various qualities of road base out there for consumers to choose from. Talk to experts or pavers to understand the quality that you need as some material may be coarse and some may be refined and not all might be suitable for all jobs. There is a small risk here so to collect the right information and order accurate products as a refund notice can take a week or even more to process. Aggregate usually consists of crushed rock, sand, powder, rock dust, and slag. A company may offer a variety of types and prices may vary slightly based on quality, so make sure to know exactly what you want. Read the description or contact the provider for more on commonly used aggregate and available options.

Delivery Cost

The cost that we mentioned earlier does not usually include delivery prices. To avoid surprises on the delivery date, ensure to discuss this factor with the company that you are working with. If you buy online then you will usually see the delivery fee on the website, which may, in some cases, be indicative.

Tips for engaging road base suppliers

shovel picking up road base aggregate

It is very important to follow instructions on the product and to be fully aware of your requirements including the required width and dimensions so that you can order exactly what you need and enjoy all the benefits. Also, some companies may run promotions on landscape products from time to time. Such instances are rare so keep an eye on discounts on landscape products. Do not shy away from asking questions and while prices are usually fixed, you might be able to get discounted prices if you buy in bulk so do consider this option.

Lastly, it is important that you search the market since prices differ from seller to seller. Buying online is usually the best option as it will give you the choice to enjoy delivery services, usually at discounted prices, which can take the burden off your shoulders. Also, don't forget to check iseekplant for reviews to understand how reliable a provider is. Don't just go for the low price, it is important to look at other factors as well.

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